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Karl's Corner - 06/26/2002

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06/26/02 do the funky penguin (part 1)

...a fine establishment in Lexington, GA...a well named restaurant in Colorado, courtesy Bret P....

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

  • radio:

Well, Keep Fishin' has "gone" to radio officially in North America, and the reports are coming in strong. Heres a bunch of stations where people have heard it...Y100 in Philly (...went from 'not on the list' to NUMBER ONE on Y100's Top 7 @ 8)...99.3 CFOX in Vancouver (on the "New Rock Preview"...DJ said "Rivers stays at home all the time on his gaunch writing hits like this.")...the Edge 103.9 in Phoenix, Arizona (#1 on the "Top 10 freakin favorites"!)...94.5 in Houston....New Rock 97.9 KNRQ of Eugene Oregon (for the "Main Event", it won)...105.7 The Point in St. Louis, Missouri....92.1 KFMA in Tucson, AZ...105.9 the X in Pittsburgh...97X Woxy - Cincinnati, OH (album version; DJ sez "the Keep Fishin' video...going to be the next big thing." also , see, theyre auctioning off their Maladroit Radio Promo CD for charity) 105.3 in san francisco (played it along with buddy holly, take control, say it ain't so, the sweater song, dope nose, my name is jonas (called "the best song on the radio") and burndt jamb, as part of their Concord show related "weezer weekend")...91.3, wmuh (dj kevin says, "we usually try to stay away from the mainstream. this is proof that top 40 radio isn't all bad.")...Seattle's 107.7 The End. (#3 on 6/26 People's Choice CountdownDJ said that "Keep Fishin' just might be [his] new favorite Weezer song of all time")

  • video:

The Keep Fishin' video is still under wraps, as the editing is further refined. But its already getting some attention. Mtv News ran both a TV news report and this article the other day. Viewers of mtv2 are in for a treat come July 14th. To celebrate "All Access Week" on the MTV networks, the "Keep Fishin'" video will premiere on MTV2 as part of a half-hour special that goes behind the scenes of the Keep Fishin' shoot. That special premieres July 14 at 10pm EST. We arent sure if this is officially a "making the video" program or not, but the effect should be about the same.

"[Weezer are] rock stars, they're used to being around animals, bears and egotistical pigs." -Kermit the Frog

...Meanwhile in other video news, "Dope Nose" has been cropping up on Mtv2's "Control Freak", and doing pretty good, thanks to fan's votes! A recent showdown had Dope Nose (with 62 percent) defeating Busta Rhymes featuring P.Diddy & Pharrel- "Pass the Courvoisier" (Part II), and No Doubt featuring Bounty Killer- "Hey Baby"...