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09/07/05 a chair's for fools, everybody wants stools

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 81: travel to start the Foozer/Wee Fighters tour
Today everyone moved in from points afar to Atlanta, site of the first show on the Foozer tour, which kicks off tomorrow, 9/8 at the Gwinnett Arena. The band came in from their Letteman taping and went right into a breif recording session here in Atlanta, while crew and staff have been assembling for the last 2 days from all over the place to prepare for the mighty undertaking that this tour is. 8 semi trucks! A serious grip o' busses. Over 50 people travelling together on the road to make it all happen for these next 7 weeks. It's gonna be quite an adventure!

Better late than never: today we can finally announce whose opening the first 3 Foozer shows, in Atlanta, Miami, and Tampa. That would be Virginia smart rockers Mae. Check 'em out! As for the 3 Texas shows, the opener is going to be announced very soon, so stay tuned.

Also today I discovered that DJ C Minus, who (amongst many other things) has been a tour DJ for the Foos for some time now, is in fact the tour DJ on this tour as well. So when you see the guy spinning the ill mix jams between the bands, say 'sup to C Minus!