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09/19/05 ...some for selling, some for keeping

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..MB '05 Tour: Day 92: Travel to Mexico City, Mexico
Today we boarded the plane at LAX to Mexico City, weezer going "south of the border" for the very first time! Its true that both Brian and Rivers have visited Mexico in the past on vacations, But Weezer the band has never been here before, and everyone is pretty stoked to finally, finally break this new ground. I'm sure the Mexican fans are pretty excited too as their emails asking for a weezer show date back for years!

When we arrived at the airport in Mexico City, there was a huge crazy crowd of people with flowers, pushing and shoving, plus lots of tv cameras and reporters and photographers. At first we were like, "huh? weezer is NOT this well known here!", and then we realized they were all screaming for a pop star named "Gloria" who had arrived at the same time as us. This Gloria has a positively bizarre story, sort of like the Michael Jackson thing but a lot creepier and wilder, and had recently served jailtime in Brazil. Well, according to what we were able to learn, she claims to have renounced all her bad ways and it looks like her fans at the airport were quite a bit more than forgiving. A very strange encounter.

We didn't have anything to do once we got to the hotel so it was just a time to acclimate and check out Mexico City. We have heard so many "caution" tales, about heat, pollution, danger, etc., but I think we either got lucky or were being fed a line (or both), because the weather was beautiful with cool breezes and spotless partly cloudy skies, and the city, while indeed gargantuan and crowded, is also friendly, cool, and really culturally sophisticated. At 7342 feet above sea level, its a lot like Denver - you get a little tired from the thinner air. And I suppose if the smog was bad it would be pretty brutal. But today, weezer was greeted by The City of Palaces with only beauty. And a few M-80 explosions at a nearby worker's rally.

Tomorrow Weezer is doing a press conference and then heading to the Hard Rock Cafe to tape 4 songs, premiere the ('USA') "Drugs" video, and do an interview with Claudio for music tv station Telehit (airs tomorrow night at 8 PM Mexico City time!), and later doing an on air interview with Reactor FM radio. So if you can access this stuff, check it out!

Large size picture link: here

...Here's a new interview with Rivers (in Spanish) at El Universal (Mexico).

...On Yahoo!s "Dig It Or Dis It" online video poll, "Beverly Hills" is up against 4 other videos this week! Check it out and vote weezer! Push us over the top!

...Weezer (and Foos and Mae) on Fuse tv, on Steven's "Untitled" Rock Show (taped at the Sunrise, FL show on Saturday)

Weezer.........Mon, 9/19 @ 10p ET, 7p PT.......Tue, 9/20 @ 4p ET, 1p PT
Foo Fighters...Tue, 9/20 @ 10p ET, 7p PT.......Wed, 9/21 @ 4p ET, 1p PT
Mae............Wed, 9/21 @ 10p ET, 7p PT.......Thur, 9/22 @ 4p ET, 1p PT

...German Mtv contest here - vote for weezer! The winning band will have a live performance broadcast on German Mtv! (might be the Hard Rock performance, I'm guessing). note - looks like this contest is closed to non-Euro peeps.