Karl's Corner - 09/21/2005

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09/21/05 ...at the splendor of these magic stools

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 94: Mexico City, Mexico - Palacio Del Deporte (Sport Palace)
Mmmeeexxxiiicccooo!!! Weezer magic in El Enormodomo.

Today we got in the van and cruised across town to the Palacio Del Deporte, Which is one of the main sports/entertainment arenas in Mexico City, hosting everything from pro basketball games to Metallica concerts and everything inbetween. Weezer is not exactly on Metallicas level down here, so the hall felt a wee bit bigger than was needed, but leave it to the 4000 ultra-enthusiastic fans who came down ready to rock out to make up for that!

This arena had a hell of an echo, earning the affectionate term 'The Temple of Boom'. Late in opening act LucyBell's set, a certain crewmember was heard to remark over the walkie talkies something like "I actually think they finished playing 3 minutes ago, what youre hearing is the remnants of their last notes echoing..."

Speaking of openers LucyBell, here's an excellent band from Chile who are now based in Los Angeles and tour around the world. While they arent well known in the states, their soulful latin/rock style has earned them fans all overthe globe. We didnt know anything about them before today, but it was a pleasent suprise for sure.

So Weezer has finally, FINALLY played Mexico City now, and it was totally epic. The band chalked up yet another suprise or two in the set, including two guest players on "Undone", creating quite a bit of chaos on stage (and musically, heh heh), but so much goodwill and great vibes that the arena was just oozing with love and happiness. The crowd got every drop of enjoyment possible out of weezer's performance, and weezer brought their A+ game. Post show, about 25 radio contest winners got to meet the band and get photos and autographs with them.

fan reaction! (see the comments section for more, and add your own!) "...the mexico show was amazing, i didnt expect something like that - the first song "jonas" was great, scott did a great work singing "in the garage" and brian on "why bother", "this is such a pity" i was waiting for that song and it was huge, photograph was great with pat on the vocals and varz on the drums, it was good to see rivers with the mexican football t-shirt. "undone" was awesome the guy next to me asked scott to play the bass and it was great, so when they played "island" i thought it was over and at the end "surf wax" was perfect, it was crazy i hope you guys come back soon thanks!!!" ---Octavio.

Also theres a show review here, and the big Mexico City newspaper had a big article on weezer on the front page of their entertainment section today.

Large size picture link: here, more: 1.

...Brazil fans, look for a broadcast of the Dave Letterman "Beverly Hills" performance on Thursday night (late - really early friday) at 12:15 AM, on GNT, Channel 41!

...Interview with Rivers (in Spanish) at El Universal (Mexico).

...German Mtv contest here - vote for weezer! The winning band will have a live performance broadcast on German Mtv! (might be the Hard Rock performance, I'm guessing). note - looks like this contest is closed to non-Euro peeps.

...Next monday 9/26 - Weezer live on the Jimmy Kimmel show!

...Happy birthday to Matt Sharp!