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09/13/05 like a fever it's a stool boom

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 87: Houston TX - CW Mitchell Pavillion (Woodlands)
A'waaaay out in the woods outside'a Houston, lies what was once the Woodlands Pavilion, in an area that could at one time be properly labeled 'out in the middle of nowhere'. Now its the CW Mitchell Pavillion, and its not exactly out in the middle of nowhere anymore, as "somewhere" has come to Woodlands, in the form of roads, shops, Starbucks, parking garages, streets and housing. The theme of 'The Woodlands' has been strictly preserved however, as everywhere you look are trees and forest, wherever you'd normally see just grass or dirt in most developments. Its sort of as if a piece of suburbia was carefully wedged into a vast tract of forest. Kind of refreshing actually.

Well, anyway, out in the hot humid 'backwoods', we came to bring the Foozer tour to thousands of Houston area fans. And. It. Was. Good. At first it seemed like the outdoor crowd was a little sleepy, but the relentless Weezer assault prodded them to full alertness, singing along to classics old and new, including "Perfect Situation" and "Say It Ain't So".

Thanks to Joey, 'possibly from your hometown', for helping out on acoustic guitar tonight!

fan reaction! (more on the comment page, add your own too)
"...The Houston show last night was definitely one for the books. Laws were broken in this sensational display of musical talent by Mae, Weezer, and the Foo Fighters. I had never heard of Mae before, but they sounded really good and fit well with the headliners. The first thing I noticed was that Weezer was really into it. Rivers was there to have a good time, and he showed it in the way he played tonight. Some of the high points were Say It Ain't So, the "fire drill" on Photograph with the joint band drumming at the end with Patrick wailing on the guitar, and the =w=. Definitely a great show, but I was disappointed they didn't play Only In Dreams to close. Foo Fighters blew us away as well, with Dave Grohl making a drum appearance, playing a cover of Born on the Bayou, and just playing an all-around-all-out-in-your-face-kick-ass show. Weezer and the Foos is definitely the best show i've ever been to and they need to do it again." ---Chris C.

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The current tour merchandise can be seen here.
(updated 9/8/05).

Weezer (and Foos and Mae) on Fuse tv, on Steven's "Untitled" Rock Show (taped at the Sunrise, FL show on Saturday)

Weezer.........Mon, 9/19 @ 10p ET, 7p PT.......Tue, 9/20 @ 4p ET, 1p PT
Foo Fighters...Tue, 9/20 @ 10p ET, 7p PT.......Wed, 9/21 @ 4p ET, 1p PT
Mae............Wed, 9/21 @ 10p ET, 7p PT.......Thur, 9/22 @ 4p ET, 1p PT

...This wont last forever, so see it while you can - Weezer's performance of "Beverly Hills" on The Late Show With Dave Letterman, which aired last Thursday night.