Karl's Corner - 10/06/2009

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2009/10/06 Tap Tap Revenge 3 - Wax - Wild Things!

2009/10/06 Tap Tap Revenge 3 - Wax - Wild Things!

...First of all, theres a new Tap Tap Revenge in town for the iPhone, Tap Tap Revenge 3! And there are 4 Weezer songs now available for it in the new Tap store, pick up 2 songs for $0.99.

...Rivers talks about "Raditude" and his various attitudes with Pitchfork. Read, think, know.

...Great news - Opening up for Weezer at the 10/24 Hollywood Palladum show will be none other than Wax! Wax has reunited for some historic shows after nearly 15 years, and it will be an amazing treat to see these guys in action, especially sharing the bill with Weezer again! Wax was a huge early inspiration for Weezer, who opened up for Wax at every opportunity back in the early days on the L.A. club circuit. Their energy, stage presence and the way they moved the crowd made Weezer straighten up and fly right on more than one occasion! So if you are going to the Palladium show, get there ON TIME or you will be missing out on the deadly Wax/Weezer combo, back again from 1993!

...Speaking of classic Weezer connections - Spike Jonze, who directed Weezer's "Undone", "Buddy Holly" and "Island In The Sun (second version)" videos, as well as the classic films "Being John Malkovich" and "Adaptation", is back again with "Where The Wild things Are", which comes out 10/16. But I had the chance to catch an early screening last night, and I had to say this - Spike NAILED it, this is a beautiful film that defies easy categorization and avoids easy summing up. I was expecting to at least enjoy myself because i do trust Spike's instincts, but by the time the kid had been in the wild land about 5 minutes i just went into a trance and totally bought what i was watching despite its clearly 'unreal' story and vibe. And the cool part is that despite it technically being a rather simple story about a kid who gets upset, runs away from home and learns some things about life, it doesn't lend itself to the usual cliches about imagination, learning how to cope, etc. i mean those things are part and parcel of the story, but not once did i feel Spike took the easy Hollywood way out, in fact it felt like he strongly resisted it to the end. Which, by the way, was genuinely sad yet happy at the same time. Bravo.

...The indaba "My Brain" Remix contest is over, and you can check out the results here - Be sure to listen to winner Sean McCabes electri-fried version of "My Brain Is Working Overtime"!

...The video for "(If you're wondering if I want you to), I want you to", is still being worked on but its getting closer! Stay tuned...

Raditude coming 11/3 - Sidney sez click cover to see me bigger!

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