Karl's Corner - 07/10/2001

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7/10/01 various...

....today was just about all "behind the scenes". Lots of meetings and phone calls and driving around. Tomorrow the video finally shoots for sure, I'll be shooting pictures and video for the website too, of course. Speaking of video, I will finally have some new custom video clips going soon, created from footage shot during both the Hooptie Tour and the Europe Tour. Thanks for waiting...

Fan's News Flash #1:
"weezerfest2001 is definately taking place this saturday, july 14, at 3:00
in grant park, in the fine city of chicago. if you like weezer and want to
hang out with other people like you, please come. bring hackey saks,
frisbees, stereos, and food. we're asking everyone to make a homemade cd to
trade, but it is by no means necessary to do this. i have over 100 people
saying they are coming, so i think it will be cool. you can dress up in
craziness to show your weezer love, or bring guitars and write poems to
share or whatever you want. it's just us hanging out making new friends. we
might have a homemade tee shirt contest, with cookies as the prize, (and my
respect) and it would be cool to bring rarities to trade. for more
information check out www.geocities.com/morningkindergarten/ or email me
hunny133@hotmail.com. i hope to see everyone there! (weezer will NOT be
there. don't come hoping they will show up. it's not gonna happen)"

Fan's News Flash #2:
"I just wanted to let you know that the Weezer Tribute Night in Seattle
was a complete success. There was a line of weezer fans around the block
and the Sit 'n' Spin SOLD OUT! It is a reasonably small club but over 200
people were there plus 10 bands.
It could have been called "weezer b-sides night" all the bands were HUGE
weezer fans and everyone had a great time. These songs were played.

Undone (the sweater song)
Buddy Holly
Say it aint so
(of course)
Just threw out the love of my dreams
Mykel and Carly
Sweet Adeline
I do
New Wave Lullaby
Too Late to Try
Pink Triangle
Why Bother
Simple Pages
Island in the Sun

It was So much fun and there were tons of weezer fans there with the
two-hand-weezer sign in the air.
Here's my band Playing Holiday if anyone is interested."
-Jason Holstrom