Karl's Corner - 07/19/2001

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7/19/01 Random things 3; Mtv Heads-up; Radio Reports!

...here is more info on the Aug 25th LA area show: Its called the Kroq Inland Invasion Concert, and weezer share the bill with Offspring, Incubus, Social Distortion, Pennywise, Cold, and several other bands. Tickets go on sale this Saturday July 21. No line-ups before 10:00am, wristbands are passed out at 11:00am. Kroq.com has more info...

...here is some info on some weezer stuff coming up on Mtv:

Thursday 7/26/01 MTV All Access Week 8:30-9 PM ET "Weezer concert" (not sure if this is a new performance or something old...)
Friday 7/27/01 MTV2 "Weezer from WHFS" 9:30-10 PM ET. This is the "Hooptie Tour" DC performance, I beleive its been shown before...
Saturday 7/28/01 MTV2 "Weezer from WHFS" 3-3:30 PM ET (repeat)
Sunday 7/29/01 2-2:30 PM ET (another repeat)

...Green Album Radio/Video Reports part 15: 7/14+...what YOUR requests are doing...(note the reports from 4/10-5/31 have been moved to the "Fans' news pages"...and see 5/12 for part 8, 5/18 for part 9, 5/31 for part 10, 6/3 for part 11, and 6/14 for part 12, 6/22 for
part 13, 7/13 for part 14)
Want to request a weezer song anywhere in the USA?
A fan has set up a handy Radio Station Contact List Page with phone #s and email links to many stations nationwide!

...I was watching MTV and they were advertising their all-access weekend, were
fans of artists tell there stories about encounters with them. There was a
promo about a girl who met one of the backstreet boys, and then the
other...was for Rivers! They were playing "H***Pipe" (ugh) in the background.
She said that "Rivers gives me shivers," and "I was at one of Weezer's
concerts, they started playing Buddy Holly, and I threw up all over myself!"
It was hiliarous!

...Here in Tasmania (Australia) Hash Pipe is heard quite a bit on Triple J, a national station. They had the new album as a feature album not long ago.

...i just wanted to tell ya that last sunday ( the 15th ) the
adventure club on 102.1 the edge here in dallas played starlight...i was
excited... also, i was on vacation in atlantic city and i went to the hard
rock cafe there and they played the hash pipe video and all the waiters were
signing along, and everyone in there was looking around to see what was going
on and many were watching the video! yay!

...105.7 the Point, St Louis Mo., has been
playing Island in the Sun alot recently. Even more interesting, a =w=
fan called in and verbally harrased Traci Wilde, the after noon dj,
complaining she didn't play enough Weezer!

...On the Krock playlist for this week (92.3, NY,NY WXRK)
HREF="http://krockradio.com/krockmusic/">K-Rock - K-Rock Playlist - WXRK New
York Rock Radio K-Rock, Howard Stern (today, by the way is 7/18) Hash
Pipe is the 8th most played song, rising from last week's position at number
15. Also Island in the Sun is at number 25, rising from last week's position
at number 37.

...I checked the WBCN (Boston, MA, 104.1)
website and on their Most Wanted list "Hash Pipe" was #1 and "Island in the
Sun" was #10. Is Weezer totally kicking ass or what? BCN has done an
excellent job of playing Weezer.

..."Island in the Sun" is getting the hell played out of it up in here in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton), at least on 96x. I personally requested it five times already. :::This thing is gonna get so overplayed, it's gonna be GREAT!!!!! The whole tone of the song just reeks of the "Song of the Summer" title. Woohoo!!!

...i thought that arkansas completely lacked any type of goodness, but recently driving through somewhere, i heard 'island' on the radio for the first time. rock on arkansas.

...I just looked on the KROQ site for California (106.7 LA) and Weezer is
on the top 10 requested TWICE. Hash Pipe is #8 and Island in the sun is #10.
Just thought you'd like to know! I am gonna personally request Island in the
Sun all day!!!! I just looked at the "Most Played" and they're doing even better.
Hash Pipe is #4 and Island is #8!! God damn they rule!!

...Out here in Paris France, the only existing rock radio 102.3 ouifm (www.ouirock.com) has been playing "Hash Pipe" all the time!! yeah!!

...I dont know how much corrspondence u get from New Zealand, but weezer is
goin off here man they are getting some serious air time on most radio
stations, and music T.V channels.

...this is a response to the very concise person in whitewater WI, who stated
that no radio stations in milwaukee play hash pipe. While, I agree that they
don't play it often enough, I've heard Hash Pipe a few times on 102.1 WLUM.
This wisconsinite probably listened on a bad day, but like I've said before,
they don't play it often. And, 102.1 is the only station in milwaukee that
i've heard play it. Sorry to say, don't waste your time with KISS 103.7.
They don't play weezer, but it's ok to play limp bizkit, and, as you have
noted, staind. thanks.

...when we were wandering around in Portland's
american eagle Outfitters we noticed that the music was strangely familar. So
my friend and I went silent, just long enough to recognize that "Island in
the Sun" was playing. Of course being the huge Weezer fanatics that we are we
started singing along. i guess we were pretty loud because we attracted a lot
of attention, which included strange looks and some staring.

...i'm in trumbull, ct which is near bridgeport (if u know where that is)
and i heard two weezer songs in a row in hot topic (a store) at the
trumbulll mall. i think the songs were smile and crab.
i was very proud of them b/c hot topic is sort of a goth-ish store.

...just wanted to inform u that a local radio station played the entire
green album on sunday 7/15. DUDE i freaked. It was 95.9 the WRAT @ point
pleasant NJ. DUDE IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

...i went to montreal on saturday (14th), I was in an Urban outfitters store and Weezer came on. I have also heard them in the Urban Outfitters stores in Pasadena, CA and in Burlington VT.

... I have another radio station for the "Island in the Sun" chart dealy
thing. Y100 in Philly is playing that song constantly, and it seems to be
doing VERY well on their playlist.

...a really massive tv-presence of =w= on german tv, especially on VIVA2, the girls&guys doing the interviews are definite wfans - but what for horrible questions, sorry, now i know why they wrote hush :::pope...the other bands (on the one hand e.g. Deftones, on the other e.g. the notwellknown scandinavian bands) had been interviewed during the festivals and all they respected and honoured =w= a lot, big :::compliments, falling down on knees etc etc.)
- again the VisionsParty on Viva2-tv, again all other bands with 2 songs, but...Weezer with 3 songs...its ok
- the end: here in the clubs of Cologne the djs are forcing Weezer in a way that is unbelievable, dancing's is coming back to be one of the reasons of life (go away, Goethe), wow!

...There is a 'most wanted' chart rundown on MTV2 Europe, compiled from the videos most requested at the station's website. And every day at the moment, Hash Pipe seems to be in the top three. It has, I :::believe, come out on top for the last three days running. And, perhaps even more remarkably, Buddy Holly is also appearing in the top fifteen every day, even after seven years. Wow!

Perhaps, when the Island in the Sun video arrives they can aim for three videos in the top fifteen. I can't remember ever having seen that before.

...When I was coming home from the local bowling alley here in Stupidville, NJ- I mean Brick, NJ, I heard Crab on the radio!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! I was like, is that their latest single???? Then when it was :::over Knock-Down Drag-Out- one of my favs man came on!!!! Anyway by that time I guessed that the radio station was playin the WHOLE GREEN ALBUM!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! I was right!!! 95.9 the wrat was playing the :::whole green album and saying really good stuff about it- especially island in the sun- my favorite!!!

...Apparently, the people here in the Philippines get their doses of Rock by means of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Sugar Ray, Distrubed and Creed-and when I got here three weeks ago, Blink 182 with their new CD :::was getting some good sales here (though it came out later than Green Album...how strange). Needless to say, there is some appreciation of rock, whether it's a good representation of it remains to be seen.

In the three weeks I've spent here, the presence of the Green Album is slowly making itself known- before I was lucky to find a cassette of Pinkerton at some random music store, but here in Manila, more and :::more stores have Green Album, and it's getting good exposure, when I went to the Odyssey Record store in the Alabang Town Center (the one I mentioned in the other email i sent), it was in the front display, :::and it immediately caught my eye. Today, going around the ShoeMart shopping mall @ Counterpoint, there were two places that had Green, in the music section of the ShoeMart department store, and at the Odyssey :::Record Store on the third floor. I'm happy to see in most of these places that now carries the album, they display it proudly next ot the latest Westlife and Emma Bunton albums.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to listen to much radio on this trip, save the few times we listen to new wave and standards-but in the times I've listened to the most promising stations to play =w= :::(mainly the "campus radio" stations), it seems like they can play hash pipe at any moment, but they don't. Likewise has been my MTV watching, though they did show the Movie Awards at some time, so at least :::some =w= was seen...

...I just wrote to tell you that the best Canadian radio station cfox www.cfox.com from Vancouver B.C. BABY is cranking out the "HASH PIPE" like there's no tomorrow :) We always crank it up LOUD to get the :::full effect of the mighty "Hash Pipe" .

...Here in Rochester, NY, we are lucky to enjoy a very heavy dose of Weezer on local radio (having songs recorded from a show here in '95 used as B-sides is just an added bonus). Modern rock station "The :::Zone" plays the hell out of both "Hash Pipe" and "Island", but when someone requested "Tired Of Sex", they were informed that the station lacked a copy of Pinkerton (*boooooooo*). The real fun here is on our :::special little "listener supported" WBER-FM, a commercial-free alternative station. Its format has about 30 songs in heavy rotation, including both "Hash" and "Island", but also allows quite a bit of time for :::the DJs to play whatever they feel like, so I have also heard Buddy Holly, Say It Ain't So, Undone, Surfwax, In The Garage, My Name Is Jonus, No One Else, El Scorcho, Good Life, No Other One, and especially :::Jamie, which seems to have mysteriously worked itself into near-daily play. Furthermore, BER even hits up the Rentals for "Friends Of P" or "Getting By" every so often. No Special Goodness yet, but with that :::station anything's possible. So yeah...it's all good for Weez fans in Western NY!

...Wanted to let you know that 105.7 WQXA here in York, PA has a thing
every week, the 'Screamer of the Week' where all the DJs choose their
favorite 'new' song and the listeners call in and vote and the winner is
deemed, obviously, the Screamer of the Week. Anyway, this past week, it
was finally nominated, and, it won! Too bad I still rarely hear the song
on that station....

...I live in the toronto area and I just heard Island in the sun on edge 102 here. That was actually the first time i heard them play it since the album came out. And today i was watching tv, and I saw an :::interview with Mikey and Brian on some canadian entertainment show. eNow or something like that. I only caught the last 5 seconds or so though.

...Island In the Sun has made it up to number 2 on the weekly count
down on Y100 out here in Philadelphia. It is getting a lot of air time and
all of the dj's seem to love to play it.

...Just wanted to let youknow that KROQ in LA played an Island in the Sun and
Photograph block last weekend. It was quite a pleseant surprise for me and
my girlfriend.

...Here in Sapulpa,OK (Tulsa) 102.3 has been playing
'Hash Pipe' quite a bit. While in vacation in Eureka
Springs, Ark last week one of the (Few) rock stations
(i don't remember which one) played 'Hash Pipe' and
then the DJ said they would play 'Island in the Sun' a
little later.

...that here in Houston, radio sux. At 94.5 The Buzz, the only Weezer song they play is Hash Pipe, and I've heard that about 6 times total since it's been released.

The other station down here, Rock 101, plays old rock (i.e. Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Rush, and all those "rock" bands) plus the new rock stuff (i.e. Fuel, STP, Pearl Jam, Godsmack....etc.). :::However the other day, a girl called in and said "Do you ever play Hash Pipe by Weezer?" The dj replied "No, but I wish I had one.", and the girl said "Don't we all?" (yes, I wrote down what they said word :::for word...sad? I know...) Although the dj said they don't play H.P., it's still a good sign, considering that it was the first time I had heard anyone on that station say the word "Weezer"......losers...

...just thought I would let you know that on Friday at 7:00pm on Channel 13 CTV cable on E Now. They talked about weezer album and how they were going to release an album every year for the rest of time. They :::also showed a brief interview with Mikey and Brian. Very short but anything weezer on tv is worth being mentioned and taped. Also on 89X detroit they have been playing "Island in the Sun" . On friday it was :::number #9 on the Top 9 @ 9. Also they have been playing it alot.

...Muscle Shoals, AL: the major alternative station
around here (107.7 the X) has been playing Hash Pipe a good bit and have just
started playing Island in the Sun.They have always been good about playing
weezer though. I remember about a year ago they had a "Pay to Play" campaign
and i was driving down the road and The Goodlife came on.

...Hey,I just wanted to let you know that I went to the mall today and first I
heard Island in the Sun in American Eagle. Then I heard Hash Pipe in
Nordstroms and finally heard Island in the Sun again in Abercrombie. It was
a pretty cool day!!!

... the Green Album is getting very good air time in New
York's beautiful capital region (the area around Albany). WEQW's "equest"
lists Hashpipe #2 after Blink 182's Rock Show and Island in the Sun is 21st
but getting very respectable air time. I have been doing my part and
requesting them about twice a day. WHRL, the other alternative station,
plays both songs several times a day and feature Hashpipe on the "top five
at five" (or something like that). They do not offer an online request forum
(bastards!). WQBK "The Edge" (so you know they're a badass hard rock
station) plays Hashpipe every so often but I have not yet heard Island in
the Sun, but my online requests will hopefully change that.

...I just heard "Island in the Sun" for the first time on Edge 102 in Toronto. It was GREAT!!! I cranked up the volume and danced around my kitchen. It is the perfect summer song.

...WPGU 107.1, Champaign Illinois has been giving Island in the Sun alot of play
since around the 4th of July. It's been played multiple times during the day,
and has been in the top 3 spots on WPGU's most requested songs countdown
nightly. Hash Pipe is still gettin plenty of play too.

... here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, weezer doesn't get played at all. the
dj's would rather play old 70's and 80's metal songs than play weezer. but i
have good news also, on my way to new york city on the amtrack train, i
spotted a graffitti message on an electric box. it read : "my name is jonas."
i thought that was interesting.

...peet from ireland here, just wanted to let ya know that weezer are takin over our already green island over here. the green album is up front on special shelves in most record stores, hash pipe is on :::tv/radio a good bit, and i just heard "dont let go" played over the bmx finals on eurosport :)

...my name is Adam and I heard "Island In The Sun" on WUMS Rebel Radio from Ole Miss. It was really cool, I heard it on July 18.

...NYC KROCK... Hash Pipe is # 8 on the playlist (been higher than that) and
Island in the Sun is #25 up from #37!!! Just wait... Island in the Sun is
gonna be huge. and mind you, these songs are up there among Linkin Park,
Staind, Puddle of Mudd (!?!?) and all that crap... finally some good