Karl's Corner - 07/18/2001

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7/18/01 random things 2

...The Equipment History has just had its first face lift in many months, and I will be doing further tweaks and additions over the next few days, as I sort through a pile of emails and notes pertaining to the guys gear. Right now the new stuff is mostly at the bottom...

...The location of the show on August 25th in LA is The G.H. Blockbuster Pavilion, in Devore, CA. Other details arent yet known, but this is very likely some sort of special show that KROQ is hosting that will feature other bands as well.

...I had forgotten all about TRL till someone told me that "Hash Pipe" was back in the top 10 again!?!? How bizarre. Meanwhile, the "Island" video looks AWESOME, kudos to everyone involved for kicking ass! The guys are having a meeting tomorrow to go over any possible final editing, and after that (if there is any to do), it will be shipped off to Mtv...