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Karl's Corner - 07/16/2001

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7/16/01 random things

"The weezerfest episode of "The Matt Kissane Show" will air every Friday at
10pm and Sunday at 10:30pm in the month of August on AT&T Cable channel 19 in
the Chicago area. It includes several of the bands videos and fun interviews
with wacky weezer fans!! " -Matt

...I'm currently working on the equipment history (finally!), it should be updated in a day or so, and even more following that as i get pictures ready. Basically I jumped ahead to the guys' current set-ups (which is what most folks are asking about) and will work backwards from there...

...a HUGE pile of your radio reports have come in, so a new update is just around the corner already, mostly with your reports of hearing "Island In The Sun" already! very cool.