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7/13/01 Rolling Stone, Writing, Radio Reports!

Today Rivers reported jumping right in on writing new songs. He intends on using every spare moment to write while the band is "off", in between handling a heap of pending band business and planning. In fact today a big photo shoot with Rolling Stone (for as large upcoming feature) was scheduled at his house in L.A., and when the photographer arrived he was in the middle of writing a new song, and wouldnt stop writing it until he had it down! The photo shoot, though a bit delayed, came out fine.

Green Album Radio/Video Reports part 14: 6/23+...what YOUR requests are doing...
(note the reports from 4/10-5/31 have been moved to the "Fans' news pages"...and see 5/12 for part 8, 5/18 for part 9, 5/31 for part 10, 6/3 for part 11, and 6/14 for part 12, 6/22 for part 13)
which will be back shortly (if you bookmarked them before I think theyre still accessable...and see 5/12 for part 8, 5/18 for part 9, 5/31 for part 10, 6/3 for part 11, and 6/14 for part 12)
Want to request a weezer song anywhere in the USA?
A fan has set up a handy Radio Station Contact List Page with phone #s and email links to many stations nationwide!

...the episode of Top of the Pops with Weezer playing "Hash Pipe" or should
I say, "Half Pipe", aired on BBC1 in the UK last night. (Friday
13th July) The show was hosted by British comedian, Richard Blackwood. When
introducing them he mentioned that it'd been five years since
their last release. After they played the song, Blackwood also
made a really cheesy link between Weezer then the next band,
OPM. "From one half pipe to another..." or something similar.

...Island in the Sun seems to be getting fairly regular airplay on the Edge here in (evil) Phoenix. I think i even heard a snippet of it along w/ other songs in one of the station's self-promotion, "we're ::badass"-type commercials and they play Hash Pipe sometimes too, i think.

...news to other san
antonians and to all is that the saacc(community college) station KSYM
90.1 has been playing weezer since they busted out in 94. And!!! They
don't just play hash pipe! You can listen online at ksym.org.

...Just wanted to let you know that I heard "Island in the Sun" for the first time on Philly's Y100 yesterday, at a red light...it was awesome to hear it, that's the first time I've heard "Island" on the radio, ::ever, and I immediately rolled all my windows down and blasted the song through my car's speakers. My little cousin in the backseat wasn't very appreciative, but some of the cars around me had their windows ::down, too, and I truly saw a few bobbing heads in my vicinity.

...im a wkkl 90.7 (cape cod ommunity college) dj and lats week we played the entire green album front to back and we played a few blus album and a few pinkerton we got some calls about the fact that two of the ::"personalities" on the show sang along to every song it might have sounded annoying but i dont care it was funny

...Im from philly, and today at work I heard a 1 minute clip of "the world has turned and left me here" during the recap of this years sixers season on NBC 10 today, 6/24.Just thought ya'd like ta know.

...WCYY up here in portland maine is
playing the hell out of "hash pipe"...plus I've heard "Island in the sun" a
few times! Weezer rocks maine, AND ME!!!!!

...I was watching the
Channel 13 news (I'm in So. California, so that would be UPN) and at the
ending credits for the news they played "Island in the Sun" over some video
of some surfers.

...Our local square news station played a bit of "Hash Pipe" in the background of it's weather commerical!!! That's the Memphis, TN station by the way. Ole Miss Rebel Radio plays"HashPipe" once a day due to the ::fact that they are all booked up playing Widespread, Creed and Lady Marmalade. Arg.

...rock99 in shreveport louisiana, they SUCK. they were cool when they got the bob and tom show on the air...but i havent heard weezer ONCE since green album came out. so i stopped listening to the radio.

...Last weekend was quite cool, because MTV Europe showed the Movie Awards,
and Viva II played Hash Pipe and, later that day, Say It Ain't So! After
that song, the VJ said that this was a request by a guy who said that
Weezer currently are the best band in the world. She agreed ...

...Weezer's "Photograph" is on the Abercrombie and Fitch store cd (you know,
what they play through the store speakers while you're shopping) in between
some clubbing music.

Youre the only person who may be able to help. I live in Whitewater, Wisconsin; smack dab between Milwaukee and Madison, two cities with very strong Weezer followings.Beacause of my locale i get both city's ::radio stations.
There are 5 major radio stations that should be playing at least Hash Pipe, if not that and more. But i never, ever hear any Weezer let alone new releases. Only one of these five stations ever plays any weezer, ::and its the one with the lowest frequency(oddly enough, the best radio station in the state), WMAD 92.1 in Madison, which is very difficult to tune in most of the time.
The other "Top Stations" for each city: Kiss 103.7(top 40) and New rock 102.1 in Milwaukee; Z 104.1(top 40)and WJJO Solid Rock 94.1 in Madison, NEVER play any Weezer at all.
I called the two solid rock stations, 102.1 and 94.1, who only ever play metal or old metal.First they said that weezer was "in their rotation" and that Hash Pipe would get played more often if it was requested. ::So a group of my friends and I called, faxed, and emailed our requests for Hash Pipe all day long. We set up two tape recorders that morning, one on each station. They taped continuosly all day and all night. In ::a 24 hour span, Hash Pipe wasn't played once, between two so called rock stations, compared to staind's its been a while which was played on 94.1 a whopping 26 times. We called the stations and confronted their ::morning show hosts with these facts.They said that their audience would rather hear the "harder side of rock" and advised me to "listen to the pop crap stations if i wanted to hear pop rock".
so we did.
we did the same thing with the two pop stations and
our results were a little better. 4 times between the two. as opposed to staind at 47 between the two, n'sync had the highest of them all though. between 4 songs 75 times over 24 hours on two stations. other ::leaders were lifehouse at 35, lady marmalade at 33. again we called and got a response of, "we cant justify playing Weezer more than Nsync. We have hundreds of 13 year olds calling a day for boy and girl bands, ::and not as many for Bands like Weezer." When I asked why weezer had made it to their top 8 at 8 and only was played two other times that day, 103.7 had said that i was mistaken, and that it was impossible to be ::on the count down but not be played other wise. i told them again that I had proof and they just Reitterated that it was impossible.
now im not close minded. i dont think that these other songs are horrible and weezer is the only thing that should be played. i know that the stations have to play to their demographics, but 4 times between 4 ::stations is rediculous. I went to the concert in Milwaukee this past march. I along with others paid alot of money to get these sold out tickets off of ebay. And i know how many people their were trying to get ::in, with no tix. Weezer has a huge presence here, and i cant comprehend why we cant hear them on the radio. its not fair. Can you help at all? i think these radio stations are ignoring what is a huge success in ::other markets. thanks alot.

...on cinescape.com, there's a "top 10 things obsessive (star trek:) voyager fans can do now that the show is off air", and on number 4 is "Play new Weezer album backwards and listen for satanic messages". ::heh-heh..

oh, and on MTV Asia here, they play Hash Pipe. you read it right, Hash, not H*** :)
guess they thought we wouldn't take it offensive..

...i'm a DJ at KTXT, texas tech university's campus radio station. my shift is the power lunch on fridays. i play two or three song blocks of bands. it's a request show, but i get lots of freedom. every week i ::use that freedom to play weezer. i usually get a few requests for hash pipe, you know, being the single and all. so sometimes i'll play it and one or two other songs from TGA, so people can hear that, yeah, ::there's a pant load of great songs on that album that aren't hash pipe (damn mtv robots. pppp..... tell me what to listen to... pppppp.....). other times i like to do a little sampler. one from the blue album, ::one from pinkerton and one from the green album. hell, sometimes i pull out the angus soundtrack and play suzanne or play other non-album tracks. i have made it my DUTY to bring keep weezer ringing in the ears ::of west texans.

...something cool was on Ch. 3 News in Madison, WI tonight! They had a
music profile on WEEZER!!!! It was soooo cool! They talked a bit about
the band...and their new release....and they showed clips of Rivers being
interviewed, and they showed some live performances....

...there's a new station in philadelphia (95.7 fm "the mix").
currently, y100 is the only station in the whole damn state who will give
weezer any airplay whatsoever, but I have some vibes that if you can tell the
fans to call 215-263-9507 and request some weezer, they'll start to play it.

...A Weezer fan right from the beginning all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa.
You should tell the guys to come through and play in South Africa - Hash Pipe is currently #3 on the national modern rock chart and Buddy Holly and Undone - The Sweater Song were big radio and club hits when I ::was at university.

...Well, Weezer's getting A LOT of airplay on the local rock radio station here in Lima, Peru (99.1 Doble Nueve). "Island in the Sun" is probably played about 10 times a day! Fans seem to love Weezer!

... A couple of days ago on Chicago's Q101 a younger kid called in
to comment on MTV's censorship of "Hash Pipe". He was curious to know why
Mcdonald's can say "hash brown", but weezer can't say "Hash Pipe". Now after
they play the single the dj usually makes a comment to the effect of "Yes, we
just said 'hash'"

...Though the single was probably not due out until about now, the "world
famous" 106.7 KROQ in LA has been playing 'Island in the Sun' since just a
little after 'Hash Pipe' was gaining radio ground. In fact, the song has
reasonably heavy rotation--and it gets lots of requests, I'm sure (I have
been requesting it like a faithful little street-teamer). Perhaps KROQ did a
good thing for once by jumping the gun on this one, because even my mother
bops her head to the little hip-hips. If only we could do something about the
amount of Disturbed songs played.

...Today on Saturday, at Anime Expo 2001 here in Long
Beach, A radio station was there, and I think it was
Kroq, but I don't live here so I don't know the radio
stations, but I believe it said 'Kroq - World Famous
Radio' or something. Anyway, I heard them play My
Name is Jonas, which is a weird song for them to
randomly choose ^^. Well, anyway, they might have
played other weezer songs too, but I wasn't there at
their booth the whole time so I couldn't tell you.
Just wanted to pass along this weird weezer playing

...Here in Memphis, TN, Hash Pipe has finally caught on to a local radio
station, 92.9 MFS(Memphis radio is very slow). It is No. 10 in the playlist
this week. Also, don't forget to come around here sometime soon, this region
is loooooooooooooooong overdue for some Weez.

...about 4 days ago i heard Island in the sun on the radio and i thought
it was quite odd that it would be played all ready and thet RWA News says it
will be out in a couple of weeks but 104.1 WBCN Boston has played it and
Probly still is but i havent been aroung to listen to the radio to find out.

...me and my girlfriend just went to visit her family in thailand and we were
driving down the road and saw this huge 30 foot graffitti "WEEZER" spray
painted on the wall. it was the best thing i've ever seen. i'll get the
picture to you guys soon i hope.

...This is to tell we fans here in Brasil are very glad the cd has been just arrived and is selling pretty well throughout the country, the videoclip is also running at MTV Brasil ... great, isn't it ?

...writing from peru here..im on vacation here in south america...weezer (pronounced weeser by the locals) is popular everwhere!..just like you said...im from the states and i was happy to hear comments on my ::weezer baseball t that i had been wearing..they love weezer of course but they dont really sell the merchandise here! ive looked everywhere! i dont think i have even seen the green album here..ive already ::promised to send the green album to some kids..they will be happy.

...Just thought you should know that on Q101's Top 9@9 show Weezer is on it twice. Island in the Sun is #3 and Hash Pipe is #7. It is fricken awesome.

...I just wanted to let you know that 92.3 K Rock (WXRK), in New York, has started playing "Island In The Sun".

... I am 17 years old, and i am basically a janitor for a water park near
Chicago called Magic Waters. Each Wednesday night, the 12 year olds flock to
the park and the top 40 station comes. So for the past two years, i have
done everything in my power to get Weezer played so that my awful job could
at least be accompanied by the weez. anyway, last wednesday, after two long
summers of bugging small time djs and earning the name "the weezer kid," i
was informed by the dj that they have island in the sun, and they finally
played it. it was the single best moment of my "career"

...89X in detroit/winsor area is currently playing island in the sun in heavy rotation

...I finally heard a local radio station playing Hash Pipe for the first time
today. Yes, we are slow and we suck but I will continue to rock on. --Omaha, NE