Karl's Corner - 07/30/2001

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7/30/01 Radio Reports 16!

....a few little notes for the discography-minded fans who gotta know about every release: there are 2 official Hash Pipe single releases that aren't (yet) on the RWA News 'singles chart', nor the official discography:

#1 is that there is indeed a CD-single version of the US Hash Pipe/I Do single, that was previously only listed as available on a 7". Its in a full color cardboard sleeve, with the same "Pat" art as the 7".

#2 is a special DJ-only 12" vinyl single, that is supposedly an import from Europe, but might be a US issue. This single has a plain black sleeve with a sticker on it, and contains 3 Remixes of Hash Pipe, including the Jimmy Pop Remix and 2 different mixes by Chris Crenna.

Also, several people have informed me that they have heard about (but not seen) a UK vinyl LP of the Green Album, this one supposedly on black vinyl. If anyone comes across an actual copy, let me know...

...Green Album Radio/Video Reports part 16: 7/20+...what YOUR requests are doing...(note the reports from 4/10-7/18 have been copied over to the "Fans' news pages"...and see 7/19 for part 15) part 13, 7/13 for part 14)
Want to request a weezer song anywhere in the USA?
A fan has set up a handy Radio Station Contact List Page with phone #s and email links to many stations nationwide!

...Alot of bands don't get alot of credit for how good they are because of corprate
radio telling us what to think down here. I hope when you come down here you
stop by 92.1 along with 91x (91.1) because they were playing island in the
sun and hash pipe before anyone else. I understand that 91x is bigger so
you'll probably have to go there but the guys at 92.1 have been very
supportive of you.

...Date: July 22 - 4:27am
Location: Driving through Union Square New York City
Vehicle: Much loved 93 Buick Century
Passengers: Cookie & Frieda - both 30, both fabulous, both Weezer Fans
Story: Flipping through Radio Stations and "Island" comes on the radio -
windows immediately open - volume hits a maximum - singing along ensues -
driving - breeze blowing - Weezer serenading the NYC night - all's right w/the
world...Yes the home of Howard Stern was playing Island - now Hash Pipe was not such a
surprise - but that the station embraced the band and not just a "sonically
appropriate" song brings much joy....p.s. followed promptly by early extra heavy metallica! - ahh...who doesn't
love the diversity of the big apple

...Yesterday (7/21) I was shopping here in Marietta, GA
at Hot Topic and they played Simple Pages. It was cool
becuase the reason I was there to begin with was to
buy a Weezer shirt. But they only had larges...

...I was listening to Salt Lake City's X96 which has been playing Island in the
Sun but not Hash Pipe as much lately. They have X96 exposed every night
where they play three new songs and listeners call in and vote for their
favorite. Photograph was the winner on Thursday decidedly, and had a
generally favorable response.

...I was just watching this show on cbs called "topspin"
some guy was trying to catch a football and they played "Dont let go" in the
background for a few minutes..just thought youd like to know!

...I keep hearing "Island in the Sun" on KRock (92.3 FM) here in New York. Woohoo! I just hope it doesn't cross over to the pop stations (like 100.3 Z100) that play NSync and Britney.

...A bunch of my friends and I requested "Buddy Holly" on our local radio station at like 1:00 in the morning when they don't play country music and after the song they talked about how Weezer has got a new album out and they played "Island in The Sun"!

...I heard Island In The Sun on the way to see The Cult yesterday (July 21st).
The only stations in Central Florida that play it are O-Rock 105.9 and Real
Radio 104.1.

...My local talk radio station in the NY Metro are (102.7 WNEW) seems to support weezer despite the fact they are talk radio. One show, the Don And Mike Show, seems to play the main lick off of Hash Pipe after every commerical break. Another show, Ron and Fez , played Dont Let Go the other day! As the song faded out, you could hear them singing the "ooh-whoa-ohoh's" along with the song. Awesome!

...hey, it's Katelyn from NJ!! I just wanted to let you guys know that ever since the release of the blue album y100 in Philly has been totally faithful and has played weezer on the air since day 1!! I haven't heard a whole lot off of Pinkerton, but I keep calling in to request!! Way to go guys!!

...The Out-R-Inn, an Ohio State campus area bar, plays the Green Album from start to finish. It's such a huge change of pace from the Dave Matthews/generic rap that these bars usually play. People were definitely rockin'.

...Last Night I was driving home from New York City and I heard "Island In The
Sun" being played on 92.7 LIR (New York)
I was so excited!!!

...yesterday (friday) "island in the sun" premeried and got the number 3
slot on the top nine at nine in chicago on Q101. i was surprised because it
is before the video premeared. the dj explained the mexican wedding theme of
the video also.

...Y100 in Philly has played hash pipe 4 time in the past two days, and island
in the sun twice... they also played my request of Undone The Sweater Song...
ALSO they had brian bell on for a live 5 minute interview yesterday.!!! Y100
loves =W= !!

...Weezer is alive and well in Ames, IA and the Iowa St. Campus.
Alot of the Ames/Des Moines stations are playing Hash Pipe all the time,
and they're getting around to playing some Island In The Sun as well as
sme classic blue stuff, and I've even heard Photograph played in the mall.
The campus radio station here at ISU has also
been playing HP, Island, as well as Photograph, Simple Pages and for some
reason Surf Wax gets alot of air time too. But there is one thing wrong
with the campus station and I see it coming up alot in other peoples
reports, the campus station lacks a copy of Pinkerton. This problem will
soon be solved here, because come this fall, I'll have a show that will
crank out Pinkerton as well as b-sides that this side of Ames has never
heard. But I just think that it's kind of s**tty the nobody has
Pinkerton, even college radio, where emo is king, and Pinkerton is pretty
much the Adam and Eve of Emo-Rock. So I suggest that if you post this
message, that anybody that works at a radio station that doesn't have
Pinkerton should go out and get one quick.
Take it easy Karl, and thanks for letting me rant. --Andy Schmidt

...I was at freshman orientation at Boston College last weekend, and
we went across the street to a coffee and ice cream shop- just as we were
leaving, they started to play 'Dont Let Go' and I jumped about a mile. I
wanted to stay longer but had to get back to the dorms!

...At Newbury Comics the other day, they were playing the Blue Album all the
way through.

...And finally, I work at a coffee shop in my hometown, and today we kept
our radio on WBCN 104.1 (Boston) and we heard 5 Weezer songs in 5 hours!
(Yes, I kept careful track. Yes, I have no life) 3 Hash Pipes, 1 Island in
the Sun, and 1 Undone. It made my day!!! (PS- I've spin all 3 of the
Weezer cd's in the shop frequently, as well.)

...here in dallas on Merge 93.3 they're having a "Weezer Weekend" i didn't
catch some of the details, but i think it's where whenver they play a weezer
song (which is VERY often these days) you call in and get a free copy of the
green album. and, they're playing the heck outta island in the sun. :)

...I was watching some VH1
special about that new America's Sweethearts movie, and for some reason they
asked Billy Crystal, Julia Roberts, John Cusak and Catherine Zeta-Jones what
kind of music they liked, and in the midst of listing off jazz and Louis
Armstrong, Billy Crystal goes, "I really like Weezer." Then they showed a
clip from the hash pipe video. The moment was ruined, however, when Julia
Roberts said, "Weezer from the Jeffersons?" but I still thought it was damn

...Today I was getting out the shower and decided to use the radio
as the background music instead of a Weezer album. I was giving it a
second thought when all that was being played was Metallica and Rob
Zombie. I was trying to decide which Weezer album to put on when
suddenly the DJ on 94.7 said "I know this next band doesn't fit in here
too well...screw it! This is new kick ass music from Weezer 'Island in
The Sun'". After the song was done and I was finished holding my mouth
shut to muffle my screams the DJ said. "If that doesn't kick all ass I
don't know what does." I couldn't believe that a DJ who many times had
expressed his love for music as God Smack and Smashing Pumpkins (who I
also love by the way) was saying how much Weezer kicks ass. But then he
said "Well...I take that back...here's something that kicks 'Island in
the Suns' ass". I felt betrayed until I realized what song it

...Last friday, my band played at a college party, and I was wearing my
Weezer shirt (the good old "Rock Music" one) as a political statement.
Sort of, anyway. After the set there was a 20 min pause to set up the
other band. While picking up cables etc. I heard familiar noises coming
out of the PA - the FOH guy played the Green Album to entertain the
crowd. Sadly enough, I seemed to be the only one to recognize it -
though Hash Pipe is supposedly played a lot on Viva II here in Germany,
that's not quite a mainstream station, and I've NEVER heard the song on
the radio so far :-( PS: Reactions were a bit different when the DJ following the other band
played Buddy Holly later on ... quite a Weezer night for german
standards ...

...97x woxy here in cincinnati, has been playing a lot of island in the sun, and is in and out of the peoples choice countdown

...Here in Houston they only play the same old crap and I regret to say that our "alternative" radio station does not play Weezer of any sort much at all- haven't heard anything from the Green one...Today I am starting a campaign of personal harassment and vigilante justice to force the creeps at 94.5 "The Buzz" to play something besides Three Doors Down.

...The NYC Rock station has blossomed in Weezer play ever since the amazing
S.S. Weezer. 92.3, home of Cane and Cabbie, show high approval of Weezer.
Island in the Sun is beginning to get more air play. One DJ, before playing
the song said "Right now, everybody should just relax. This is a song
everybody can just kick back and relax too." New York loves Weezer.

...i was drivin around about a week or two ago, and kroq had their "rock block
weekend" where they play 2 or 3 songs from the same artist..
and it blew my mind to hear simple pages coming from the speakers of my car
stereo! simple pages on kroq??? what next???

...Just wanted to let you know that Island in the Sun is getting regular play
on 104.9 XFM in Vancouver! Also, Hash Pipe is still getting played
practically every five minutes on both XFM and 99.3 The Fox (no surprise

...Today I went to the San Francisco Giants game and in between innings they
played Hash Pipe! I was very excited so I stood up and yelled Weezer!!! very
loud. THe old people sitting around me looked at me funny, but it was ok. I
was excited. That is all.

...I am a student doing some archaeology here in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
My fellow workers and I were listening to Radio Jordan and in the mix of Arabic
music, and American pop came the refreshing sounds of Island in the Sun. It
was definitely nice to hear some Weezer over here...

...i was listening to 93.3(dallas, tx) and they have a contest going on so
when you hear Brian from weezer tell you to call, you dial up the station
and if you're caller #9 you can win the green album! i already have the cd
but i figured what the heck? i could win it for a friend or something cuz
I'm just nice like that (yeah..right). so anyway I was listening to the 93.3
and they played undone!! i was like "AHHHH!! AWESOME!!" then i really
started hyperventilating when RIGHT after that song finished the DJ said
"you know what im going to play another weezer song and you know why?
because i can!" and he played "Island in the Sun" i started screaming and i
turned it up really loud!! hahahaa it was so rad!

...Well, on my radio station I get 99.9 The Buzz, they have this 'The Top 9 at
9' every Friday night. Well tonight, I just turned it on, and they mentioned
that Weezer Island in the Sun was number 3. But here's the kicker...Hash
pipe was still on the countdown. I dont remember what number they were..but,
that's pretty amazing.

...about 20 minutes ago, on my drive home from work, i was listening to philly's Y100 radio station and all the sudden the dj says, "here on the phone with me is brian bell, from weezer"...luckily i was at a stoplight, otherwise i might have either dashed into the car in front of me or slammed my brakes and gotten myself rear-ended. anyway, brian and the dj talked for about, oh, ten minutes, i think, about all sorts of randomness and good weezer stuff, and then after brian got off the phone, the dj played hash pipe ("here's 'hash pipe', a song by brian's band, weezer"). then the dj played a chili peppers song, but after that, he ran a promo for wednesday's fez fest (it's sold out, woo, and i've got 2 of those tickets!), in which 3, yes *3* weezer clips were played behind the announcer...buddy holly, hash pipe, and the good life. so needless to say, this was a frickin' rad drive home from work
...Last night(July 19), Island in the Sun was up to #3 on Q101's(Chicago) Top 9 at 9 countdown. The only bands that beat it were Gorillaz and 311. Hash Pipe is still getting a lot of play also.

...I just wanted to tell you that here in "evil phoenix" *which it's not*, i've heard *and requested* "Island In The Sun" on 106.3 the edge...also they played Hash Pipe in Hot Topic. My friend and I were freaking out. Also in Hot Topic, they sell al sorts of Weezer merch. I got a pin, a shirt, a poster, a lighter, a de-cal, and a keychain/patch thing. That store is awesome.

...for the period of July 2-7, The Green Album's chart position at the Aquarius Music Store in Jakarta was 18. Just above it at number 17...The Scorpions' Acoustica! I think many would say they suck now, but I think Rivers will forever hold them dear. And they're playing a concert here on August 5th, and before them, Megadeth on July 31st. Now, these may not exactly be the most cutting edge bands out there, but they seemingly have more fans worldwide than Weezer at the moment. So if bigger bands can play here...you know the rest. Face it, given the reasonable success of The Green Album, the time is right for Weezer's conquest of Indonesia!

...WEND has not been playing "island in the sun" but I expect them to start soon because "hash pipe" is on their playlist

...Just wanted to let you know that Island in
the Sun is a "pick of the week" in NU 107, the only
rock station here in the Philippines! The DJ said she
loved the song and kept singing along to the "hip hip"

...Watching VH1's "Whats my 20" here at work and... OH MY GOD!!
Weezer made #16 with the Buddy Holly video. They have people talk about how they liked the video and the voice over guy talks about Spike Jonze. Then, they show an old clip of Rivers and Matt trying to figure out how they came up with the idea for the video.

...I live in Shelton, Connecticut. Today as I was going to cross country
practice. I put on Radio 104.1 (WMRQ) and I heard Island in the Sun. as I
heard the beginning riffs I said "Yay! Weezer!". After the song the two DJs
said that the song and whole album are good.

...we were moving into my new house today, and listening to the Bay Area Rock alternative station 104.9... and in the space of 5 hours they played hash pipe three times, talked about island in the sun, and played undone, I've noticed that they've been playing undone a lot lately... which is rocking.

...um i just wanted to basically report that here on 102.1 The Edge that Hashpipe is always seeming to be played everytime i tune the dial...and not much action on Island in the Sun..but say it aint so, undone, frequent the airways

...Island in the sun got it's first play in omaha, ne today. It hit the waves
much faster than hash pipe did. After playing the song the dj goes, "island
in the sun, best song ever!" Which may not sound too significant save for
the fact that I am in Omaha, O-MA-HA. Yes, we do have electricity, we do
have indoor plumbing, and we do like Weezer!

... "Hashpipe"
and "Island in the sun" have been on KWOD 106.5
(sactown station) alot lately, especially on the
countdowns. I also heard "photograph" featured as the
"catch of the day" on the saturday countdown. What a

...saw the little post on how you heard island in the sun while vacationing in
eureka....they play it all the time on 103.7 the buzz in conway, ar on
weekends, which is the only time they play music

...Weezer's "Hash Pipe" and "Island in the Sun" have both been getting great air play in L.A. for KROQ. ALSO- they have this impression of Pat on one of the commercials... all it says is "Hey, this is Pat from Weezer!" then it cuts to a different person... just thought I'd let u know!!

...I was just lookin at WBCN's (radio station in Boston) website, in particualr I was lookin at the top ten songs of the week, and Weezer clocks in twice. They hold the top spot of the station's playset with Hash Pipe, and they hold the 9th spot with Island in the Sun. Just thought I'd pass along the info

...i heard hash pipe on milwaukee's new rock 102.1 twice in the last couple days. i was suprised because i don't really listen to the radio (unless i'm in the bathroom...teehee) and there they were. it was an excellent suprise.

...Today i woke up at 10:00 because it was so damn hot in
my room, and i turned on my high school radio station
and guess who they where playing? WEEZER! They played
weezer for 40 minutes! This is not the first time this
has happend either. I think the DJ, "Master P", does
this a lot. This guy is going to be a Weezer ledged if
he keeps this up.
Emily----Downers Grove/ Chicago area

...Just thought I'd let you know that the clothing store I work at ( Anchor Blue) in the local mall has "don't let it go" and "photograph" on the in-store c.d.!

...just a quick note to let you know that i'm sitting here reading the corner and watching the world swimming championships and what does channel 9 play coming back from the ad break?- island in the sun.
rock on aussie tv. very hip, hip

...By the way, I live in St. Louis and 105.7 The Point really is playing the hell out of both "Hash Pipe" and "Island In The Sun" which, unfortunately, are the only good songs they play.

...I heard Island in the Sun today on
Portland, Oregon's 94.7 NRK. I'm not sure whether or not it was on the cock
fight or if it will be, but if I find out more, I'll let yah know!

...The only airtime that Weezer is getting in Arizona,
seems like when people are requesting Hash Pipe, and
Island in the Sun. I was reading that some radio
station was playing the whole cd (eastern part of US).
They are oh so very lucky.. I NEED HELP! The radio
stations are starting to get to know my voice... and I
can only have 1 birthday a year, so that won't work

...Just wanted to let you know that "Island in the Sun" is finally getting some
radio time here in Tampa. I heard it for the first time today around 12
noon. It's amazing. Now that MTV has premiered the video, it's now getting
the credibility it deserves. Rock on.

...KROCK NYC... Island in the Sun at #16 up from #25!!! Only been on for about
a week (if that!).

...I have the radio playlist reports for
the two biggest modern rock stations in the country. KROQ (L.A.) and KROCK
(NYC). This week (today is the 24th of July), it appears that in L.A. Weezer
is the biggest band out there right now with two songs in the top 10.
Hash Pipe jumps up two spots to number two and Island in the Sun stays at
number 8. In NYC they aren't played as much but it's still impressive. It
appears Hash Pipe is on it's way out in NY, but it did very well for a long
time, it dropped 10 spots to number 18. But Island in the Sun keeps doing
very well jumping all the way up to 16, last week it was 25 and the week
before that it was 37. Hopefully Hash Pipe can stick around a little longer
and Island in the Sun can get into the top 10.

...Well, it looks like Milwaukee radio stations are
finally starting to play Weezer. I heard Hash Pipe
twice in one day on, of all stations, Lazer 103. Not
to mention, the local college rock station, 91.7, just
played Island in the Sun. Finally there is a reason to
listen to Milwaukee radio.

...(Channel) Radio X3M (at Finnish Broadcasting Company) has an
interesting playlist for the moment (20-26.7.01)...
Radio X3M Top 50 has as number 1: Weezer...
and as number 3: Penniless: "Save"
(Cuomo got the latest Penniless album "Anola" when
Weezer gigged at Provinssirock in June...)

... "island in the sun" dropped from #3 to #9 on q101 chicago's top nine at
nine because THEY NEVER PLAY IT!

...99.1 whfs has been playing the singles from the green album regularly. hash
pipe and island in the sun are on about 10 times a day each. plus i've even
heard some blue album faves, like buddy holly. island in the sun also has
been making appearances on the top 9@9.

...Yesterday, I decided to listen to the radio from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00
p.m. (because I have no life) so I could see how many times they played
weezer tunes. During this time span, 105.7 the Point in St. Louis played
"Island in the Sun" a total of four times, and "Hash Pipe" two times, once by
request. What's more, before the DJ played the song, he said his three
favorite things in the world were, "Beer. Free concerts. Weezer." It was

...I'm from Phoenix but I just spent the weekend in Salt Lake City. The Blaze (102.3) has a great idea for transitioning to a new single. Weezer is played once an hour and at least for that weekend, one hour it's "Hash" and the next hour is "Island". It's a good way to move from single to single. Here in Phoenix, The Edge has "Island" just about every 90 minutes at this point. Sounds awesome!!!!!