Karl's Corner - 07/15/2010

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2010/07/15 Mashantucket, CT: Foxwoods Casino

2010/07/15 Mashantucket, CT: Foxwoods Casino

...today we zipped up the horrifically traffic clogged I-95 enroute to Mashantucket, CT, and the Foxwoods Casino for a rock n roll event starring Weezer, with Rival Schools opening again. The Foxwoods is a large formal theater that looked a bit unsuited to getting crazy with the rock and the roll, but Rivers and the gang managed to pull a very wicked vibe out of thin air. The tough looking dark suited security folks did not seem amused at all by the antics that involved multiple crowd runs, office furnature destruction and general mayhem, but the power of the fans proved strong enough to keep the vibes happy and cool. A fun show in a place that probably wasnt used to so much fun.

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