Karl's Corner - 07/08/2010

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2010/07/08 July Tour Underway (goin' up the country)

2010/07/08 July Tour Underway (goin' up the country)

...Today the weez gang reassembled in Minneapolis after the long holiday July 4th weekend spent with friends and families at various places across the US and A. Tomorrow is the show at the Basilica Block Party here in the Twin Cities, and coming right up are 10 rock shows in the US and Canada, including several places Weezer has never been before, like St. Johns and Halifax!

...New show announcment:
Weezer will be playing the Champlain Valley Fair on September 2nd in Essex Junction, Vermont with special guests Coheed and Cambria. Tickets will go on sale Friday July 16th. Ticket links will be added to the tour page as soon as we have them.

...Todays picture is our current tour merchandise line, it represents what we had onsale as of Bonarroo on 6/12. There may be additions or subtractions to the line as the summer goes on.

...REMINDER: On August 7th, Weezer will be playing at the Hurley US Open Of Surfing, in Huntington Beach, CA! Opening will be Hot Hot Heat. Free! Heres all the info.

...REMINDER: Weezer Radio is now featuring the excellent "Barely Legal Radio" show, every Friday morning. "Barely Legal" is hosted by the acclaimed DJ Joe Escalante who was beloved as the morning commute DJ on Los Angeles' excellent Indie 103.1 station while it was still going. "Barely Legal Radio" is a caller driven show which provides legal and professional advice for people interested in show business. You can also hear "Barely Legal Radio" on L.A.'s KFWB 980 AM on Sundays at 5 PM beginning July 11.