Karl's Corner - 07/29/2010

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2010/07/29 Paso Robles, CA: California Mid-State Fair

2010/07/29 Paso Robles, CA: California Mid-State Fair

...Today the band heads up to Paso Robles to play the California Mid-State Fair. Yours truly cannot be there today, so its on you to set the scene: people, we're asking you to help us document today's show! Please add your comments to this post if you are attending the show, and tell us how things went down! Paint us a picture with your words - what was the day like, how was Weezer's set, what happened before and after?

And, if you got any pictures, pick your best 1 or 2 and email them to me [karl (at) weezer (dot) com] - the 12 coolest fan submitted pix will be used for today's show photo gallery, with full credits given to you, the photographers!

(more later...)

Well, I must say, it was a real pleasure to sift thru the piles of great photos that you guys sent in! Its really cool how by combining fragments of everyones experiences, a picture of the night emerges. Todays super-size photo gallery courtesy of:

Jack Ellis
Adelita Subia
Sarah Hayter
Michael Cordsen
Kevin Klein
Madstick Cliff
Peer Johnson
Sean Murphy
Cristina Gonzalez
The Sundre Family
Amanda Winger
Sarah Tomasetti
Jennifer Manuo
Amber Grundman
Leslie, Samantha, and Art Kopp

Thanks Paso Robles peeps!!!






(click on any photo for a full size version)

Also see this photogallery from the San Luis Obispo Tribune newspaper!

...and a special message to Logan about the vuvuzelas: yes, they heard them loud and clear!

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