Karl's Corner - 12/14/2005

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12/14/05 PTA, early morn

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 136: Japan Mos Burger #2: arrive in Osaka
Today the bulk of the weez party arrived in Japan's second biggest city, the gargantuan Osaka, joining the 3 band members who have already assembled and gotten some of the jet lag out of the way, taking care of business such as locating bowling alleys and (of course) Starbucks and Mos Burger locations. The city is freezing cold right now but very cool looking with all kinds of holiday lights and decorations on display. Christmas is celebrated in Japan, but in a different way. It was described to us as sort of another Valentines day, where couples exchange gifts and have getaway vacations. And while youll see a lot of decorated trees and lights, theres no sign of Santa at all, nor anything specifically religious on display. Interesting.

Tomorrow is the first show of the tour, at Club Zepp. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that (flu recovering) Pat's flight wont be delayed, as it will be a mighty close call to get him to the show on time...

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