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12/13/05 quilting bees, shucking corn

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 135: Japan Mos Burger #1: Fly to Osaka
Yesterday and today there was a lot of flying going on, in order to get all the band members and weezer crew over to Japan for the December Mos Burger tour. Now, Rivers is already in Japan, having gone there directly after his vacation time ended. Yesterday Brian and Scott flew over, and today the crew and Pat were scheduled to fly. However, it turns out that Pat came down with the flu a few days ago, and is instead flying over a day late - arriving in Osaka just in time (hopefully) for the first show. Everyone wish Pat well! It is no fun at all to fly 12 hours right after getting over the flu!

Todays flights took most of the rest of us from our various locales to San Francisco, where we combined forces on the 11.5 hour flight over to Osaka. Due to the crossing of the international date line, we dont actually arrive in Japan untill "tomorrow", Wednesday.

Aside from Pat's flu situation, all are well and are excited to rock it out once more in '05. The crew has gelled into a killer machine consisting of Craig, Bobby, Kurt, Aron, Leif, and Kevin, with Arthur and Stuart keeping the ship on course and Sarah and I keeping track and taking names.

And the flight to Osaka continues tomorrow...

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