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12/20/05 nothing's ever going on

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 142: Mos Burger Tour day 8: Tokyo - Studio Coast (#1)
Mount Fuji. Truck style SuperGreat. Bust Pudding. An actual geisha. The Perfect Van. K2 the mighty. Veggie curry. Triangles of love.
Today we boarded the Shinkansen bullet train again, this time to zip up to Tokyo for the trifecta of shows scheduled at the Studio Coast club. While the bullet train is incredibly efficient and speedy, getting around Tokyo in a van really isn't, so once we got to Tokyo, there was a lot of stop n' go traffic to deal with (enough to make L.A. actually look pretty good!) before we finally got to the club.

There was an extra heavy amount of preparations going on at the club, as today was the first of 2 days of filming for the first ever weezer live dvd. Its a 2 day, 7 camera shoot of the shows, plus material that will be drawn from various 'behind the scenes' footage that both the Japanese company is shooting as well as footage I've been gathering as we travel around. We'll see how it all turns out, but the important thing is that the band nailed it tonight, as hoped for. There were a few minor moments of confusion here and there, but just about everything was kicking major ass tonight, leading to a ballistic Tokyo audience and some great footage.

Thanks to Kazu from Tokyo for helping out with "Undone" on the acoustic guitar.

fan review:
"...everyone who went to tonight's show had the best christmas present from weezer. members really had wonderful smiles on their faces through the show and crowd was so insane!! even though we saw you this summer, twice a year is just not enough for us weezer freaks. they played songs from second album a lot, which i suppose is good to fans. thanks to god, i can get to rock with weezer tomorrow night also, so keep roooocking!!!!" ---renge c.

Large size picture link: here, more: 1, 2, 3.

The Japan tour merchandise.

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Premieres: Tuesday December 20th @ 9pm EST
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