Karl's Corner - 12/15/2005

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12/15/05 square dance by the lake

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 137: Mos Burger Tour day 3: Osaka, Japan - Club Zepp (#1)
Success rock for fresh fans! Todays debut Japan tour show was in Osaka's Clubb Zepp, in the shadow of Osakas massive WTC complex, where the Osaka Summersonic festival is held. Its the same ol' hood as last summer, but with a much different feel. Not rediculously hot and muggy, but frigid! And Zepp is a toasty theater size club, as opposed to a whopping open air festival field.
Well, the Japan tour got an exciting start today, with Pat literally flying to Japan the same day as the show, to give himself more flu recovery time back home. Now, yesterday we hit a horrid traffic jam on the way from the airport which made a 45 minute drive turn into 2 hours, and it was generally believed that Pat's luck wouldnt be much different. A betting pool was started about what time Pat would actually pull in, with times ranging from 6:30 to 7:30 (half an hour late for the show), but Pat got really lucky at the airport and with traffic and made it to Zepp with 45 minutes to spare, at 6:15. Therefore Sarah won the pool, as her estimate was the most optimistic at 6:40. She won fries from Mos Burger and a lovely corsage. Then the club needed to delay the start of the show by 10 minutes anyway for some reason, so it worked out fine. Pat was a little weak but in good spirits and jumped right into the show, which was a knockout! It was really strong for the first show, considering that no one had an opportunity to practice or rehearse together in the off time until todays soundcheck (sans Pat). Rivers was even going to various karaoke studios in recent days to practice his singing. It kind of demonstrates how much work the band and crew have put in all year, pulling together a good show out of thin air, like a crack team of agents assembling from around the globe for the secret mission.

Thanks to Jumpei from Osaka for helping out on "Undone" with his acoustic guitar skillz. And thanks to everyone in the Japan Team for helping everything get off to a smooth start!

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