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2009/08/25 Bleezer Tour: NYC - Nikon at Jones Beach Ampitheatre

2009/08/25 Bleezer Tour: NYC - Nikon at Jones Beach Ampitheatre

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...back to New York! As Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five one sagely noted, "New York New York, big city of dreams, but everything in New York ain't always as it seems. You might get fooled if you come from out of town, but I'm down by law and i know my way around". Well, New York has had some changes since then, but it does pay to be alert in this city. You might miss something, like a great view, a truck about to run you over, or a rock show. The rock show in question is actually on Long Island today, in Wantaugh - The Nikon at Jones Beach Ampitheatre.

Weezer has been to Jones Beach several times in the past, and its always a curious combination of mellow oceanside chill out and ultra hectic scheduling and rules and regulations. Tonight there was a good vibe in the air, and unlike some past times at this place, the weather was perfect. The show was all about super high energy, and save for some bizarre technical snafus (that the guys powered thru with professionalism), everything went off well. In the court of Jones, the one armed pushup was king. Rivers at one point was forced to admit that "the gods of rock are against me tonight!", but noted that he "will never give up!" and he didn't! Tonight also saw the first ever weezer performance of Black Sabbaths "War Pigs", as the short intro piece to the set - it went off very well considering that this performance was the very first time the band had ever played the track together live. The idea was developed and rehearsed in the dressing room just prior to the show, and afterwards all agreed it was a ton of fun.

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