Karl's Corner - 03/01/2002

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03/01/02 I got so much touble on my mind, refuse to lose

...Bad news for Maladroit: Yesterday, at Interscope's insistance, Rivers had to write a letter to all the radio stations that he had previously sent the Maladroit promo CD to, asking them to hold off promoting the tracks on the CD until the record company was ready to service the "Dope Nose" single. With so many radio stations having shown immediate support of the songs, the band is now crossing their fingers that the fantastic wave of support at radio is not cast into confusion...

...And to all the fans who are being so helpful and supportive of this fledgling album, in its most desperate hour: a special message of sincere and humble thanks straight from the band! You guys are showing the world what weezer means to you, and your efforts are not going unnoticed!

...update! voting is finally done! see the weezer fans / contest section for the recent "make your own" cover contest!