Karl's Corner - 03/18/2002

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03/18/02 back to the scene of the bass

...day off in Manchester England. Man, somebody's dumping a ton of cash into this place..there's all these brand new hip urban shopping plazas, restaurants and movie theatres all over the place with more under construction everywhere. The last time we were here, in 1995 or '96(?), things looked a bit... plainer. Well, Pat and I took advantage of all this new stuff, and sat down for a matinee of "Lord of the Rings". Just as good the 2nd time around.

...Maladroit note: Despite what you may have been hearing in the press and on the radio, there is NO release date for Maladroit at this time. We can't imagine who would be spreading these rumors... *cough* ...but they are indeed false. When there is any new word on the situation with the album, you'll see it here first.

...embarassment department: more 'karl info' than you would ever want to know in a new interview I did with Weezon.com.

...more updates and new cool pix are up at weezerportugal.

...more Maladroit action...this Dope Knows!

  • y100 Philly: dope nose was number 3 today on the top 7 at 8 countdown. DJ Ben Harvey: "...you let your weezer tumble down to number 3?..." Also they are having the annual march madness phone in battle thing, there is an 800 number on their site to help vote weezer into the next round!
  • 94.7 knrk Portland, OR: Dope Nose played on the "something cool" session. "...the DJ commented something to the effect of "that is weezer's new single 'dope nose' and they have a new album, maladroit, coming out soon in the spring if interscope releases it... but we're playing it anyway so enjoy. refer to weezer.com if you want info about the new album or the guys in weezer"..."
  • 105.9 The X Pittsburgh: played Dope Nose as the Pick of the Litter."...no one had anything bad to say about it, and the DJ seemed pretty stoked to play it..."
  • 93x, Minneapolis/St. Paul: Dope Nose is in the cage match vs. Cold!
  • 107.1, Key West, FL: playing Dope Nose when requested.
  • 93.5 WARQ Columbia, SC: played "Take Control" tonight on it's "7200 seconds" program. "...The DJ talked about how uncool the record problems are and promised to play more soon..."
  • 91.1FM (91X) San Diego played "Keep Fishin" tonight.
  • KPNT 105.7 The Point St Louis: march madness contest, Listeners called in and voted- made it to the final four: Weezer, Tool, System of a Down and Incubus. They were finally beat in the fifth round by Tool.
  • Q104.3 FM in NY: "out of the box" show played "Dope Nose" "Keep Fishin" "Fall Together" and "Slave"
  • Lava Rock 105.9 in Hawaii: spinning Dope Nose 3 times a day.
  • 94.3 WCYY Portland Maine: now playing "dope nose" and "slave" regularly
  • 99x Atlanta: The Sunday School program played the whole 8 song promo CD.
  • 93.7x Wilkes-Barre,PA: started playing Dope Nose after fan requests!
  • 99.9 "the buzz", burlington - plattsburgh - montreal: dope nose is starting to get played!
  • Radio 104.1 Hartford, CT: playing Dope Nose
  • 106.7 KROQ in LA: continued heavy support for Dope Nose!
  • 92.3 Xtreme Radio- Cleveland, Ohio: adding Dope Nose to its playlist this week, playing weezer triple shots twice in one day
  • 105.1 [Channel Q] Iowa: "Dope Nose" getting played
  • 103.9 The Edge, Phoenix AZ: has been playing Dope Nose a couple times a day, usually late nite
  • WSDH Sandwich 91.5. Every Wednesday on the Garrett Nate and Trisha show from 4-6, Dope Nose, Keep Fishin, Slob and Sandwiches Time are getting played...
  • Z103.3, Lexington, KY: played Dope nose as part of their "work release program." "...After it was done, the DJ said it was so good that he was going to play it again. So they played it back to back..."
  • 88.3 The Sting, Berea, Ohio: played Dope Nose
  • wpgu Champaign IL: Weezer won the Big Friday Orgy for the 5th week in a row!
  • 103.9 Dayton, Ohio: playing "Dope Nose"
  • 91.5 Radio X, Northern Michigan University: playing "dope nose."
  • KLSU Baton Rouge: playing Dope Nose!