Karl's Corner - 03/14/2002

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03/14/02 "weezer son la polla!" -Toad

...day off in lovely Barcelona, Spain. Cool architecture, tasty food, laid-back people. And the EEU conference...d'oh!

...Mucho Macho Maladroit Machismo!

  • y100, philly: dope nose on the top 7 at 8: #1, #1, #4...
  • K-Rock NYC: dope nose made it to the furious five at nine countdown at # 5!
  • Live 105, San Francisco: "Dope Nose" was number 4 on the Most Wanted List, 3/14
  • Z103 (WXZZ 103.3) Lexington, KY: debuted "Dope Nose" 3/14
  • WMFO in Medford mass: the "Burned Up Bled Dry" show played the whole 8 song promo. "...they say they'll play the whole thing again...if enough people request it..." www.wmfo.org.
  • WSIA 88.9 FM, Staten Island NY: playing all 8 songs from the promo disc.
  • 106.1 krab radio Bakersfield, CA: "Dope Nose" has won the 'new rock rumble' for the third week in a row.
  • CD101(Columbus, Ohio): played Dope Nose as a finale to the 'gridlock block' with weezer. (5th of a 5 song weez block!)
  • 91.9 the pulse, St. Louis: playing Dope Nose
  • 93.5 warq Columbia, SC: "Dope Nose" played on Cataldo's 7200 seconds show.
  • Radio 104 WMRQ Hartford, Connecticut: started playing "Dope Nose". getting played a couple times a day
  • 95.5 WBRU (Providence): Debuted entire 8 song promo disc on "Breaking and Entering", then made "Dope Nose" the Screamer of the Week. a fan writes "...Every time I've heard Dope Nose since, the DJ's have proclaimed that they don't care about Interscope's attempt to squash the preview of Maladroit - they're going to play it anyway...."
  • The Revolution 101.1 in State College, PA: playing Dope Nose.
  • 90.5 fm Rochester NY: has been playing "Dope Nose" and other new weez stuff for a while now. webcast here 24-7.
  • 105.9 The X: "Dope Nose" played as the Pick of the Litter.
  • 92.1 kfma in Tucson, AZ playing Dope Nose
  • 96.9 Fox Valley, Wisconsin: On 3/13 "Dope Nose" won the Cage Match!
  • 90.3 WESS East Stroudsburg University Radio: DJ sez: "...we just got the "Official" "Dope Nose" single, and it is being played loud on campus in heavy rotation...."
  • 96 x Virginia Beach: playing Dope Nose
  • 94.7, the Razor, Appleton, WI: Dope Nose won the cagematch.

...international action:

  • FM 95.9 London, ON, Canada: Dope Nose won the Battle of the Bands.
  • 104.9 Xfm Vancouver, Canada: added Dope Nose, played Dope Nose on the 9 o'clock Request Riot. #7 on the 7 at 7!
  • Edge 102.1, Toronto, Canada: playing dope nose!
  • FM4 "the only alternative" radio station in Austria: "...played "Dope Nose" on 3/13 on the "Morning Show with Stuart Freeman" . He called it "a single that doesn't really exist" and told the story of the Demo Tapes sent to the radio-stations, that the label did not agree with this release, and that Weezer had to send a second letter to the Radio-stations, telling them not to play these songs. Of course Stuart Freeman mentioned also the title of the upcoming Weezer Album : Maladroit..."
  • X FM, UK: a fan writes: "...I asked for 'dope nose' but Zane Lowe [DJ] said "Jurassic Cuts... it's a chance to dig in the crates and pull out somethin' old- give it a spin... Getting quite a few emails for you guys out there askin' us to, dig out some of that Brand new weezer material that's all over their website. It's currently being touted around the various downloadable sites and areas... and nothing would give me greater pleasure but, y'know, we download it, play it on the air... their management gets angry, cos we're braodcasting it, blahblahlah. I dont really mind whether the band wants it to happen because, y'know (sharp intake of air) they dont make all the desicions sadly... but as soon as we get it, we'll play it, it's just not that easy. [pause] ... ackt! To hell with it! Lets download it- see if we can get it for you early next week, it'll be nice to play something off it. Dope nose at least... I dunno. Anyway- new album on the way definatly... Rivers Cuomo's been a busy boy- makin' up for 5 or 6 years spent studying English (chuckle) *insert dodgy american accent* whatever man...Anyway, getting quite a few emails for that sort of stuff, so I thought, what I'll do, is I'll slip something in Jurassic for claire and everyone else who's keen to hear that new weezer stuff. Ill play you something old... lets go to Pinkerton! It's an album that the band dont necessarily like, but I still think it's incredible... this one's for the stardy, maranda and flinn samuals." *proceeds to play el scorcho*..."
  • Ireland, Phantom FM: "...For about the last few days Keep Fishin, Dope Nose and Living Without You have been playing non-stop..."

...strange action!

  • from the UK: "...i was watching the new channel 4 sitcom 'teachers' last night when 'photograph' was played! It almost made up for the fact that the show wasn't very funny..."