Karl's Corner - 03/30/2002

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03/30/02 She's Goin' Bald

...random note 1: opinions: everybody's got one...

"...The other day I was pleasantly surprised to find a Guitar World magazine in my mailbox with Rivers Cuomo on the cover. I thought, "Finally, my favorite group is getting recognition." After I read the article, I was very disturbed...If this is the way that Rivers feels about his dedicated, hard-working fanbase, then maybe I do not want to be a fan...." ---'ex-fan', Dan D.
Well, I read the interview with Rivers in Guitar World the other day. Interesting and informative. At first I was a bit taken aback by the comments about "annoying" fans, but then I realized that if I were in Mr. Cuomo's position, hell yes, I would find fans annoying. Also, while I'll admit that Pinkerton got me hooked on Weezer, I will freely profess that I haven't heard a Weezer song yet that I haven't enjoyed...The reason I like Weezer is not because of some song they recorded 6 or 7 years ago, but because of the way they approach making music...I look forward to hearing anything Rivers has in mind musically..." ---Andi

...random note 2: If you dug some of the new weez shirt designs that cropped up on the recent tour, a certain dynamic design duo is to thank. Jon and Vito are responsible for the very cool semi-hokey art on the 'panda bear', '2 rocking out guys', 'space video game', and 'cereal box' t-shirts. I owe 'em a link to their website, so check it out if youre feeling adventurous!