Karl's Corner - 03/12/2002

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03/12/02 the rains in Portugal fall mainly on Oporto

"...Weezer é do caralho!..." ---(what a Portugese speaking fan told me to put on the site!)

...March 2002 Europe Tour Show #2: Oporto Coliseum; Oporto, Portugal. I wish I could have seen a bit more of Oporto, but it was raining cats and dogs most of the day! What i did see was very impressive. Another Coliseum today, big and again not as full as we like weezer shows to get. But again, this is "uncharted territory", and the fans that did make it down were great, loud and supportive. Lets do it again sometime, Portugal!

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For lots more pictures from both Portugal shows (and a fine fansite to boot), be sure to visit weezerportugal! (Thanks Marco!)

...more Maladroit Action!

  • DC101 Washington, D.C.: 'dope nose' debuted at # 1!
  • 99.1 whfs in Baltimore/Washington: 'Dope Nose' is #1 on the Nine at Nine! also: played "Slave"!
  • 105.7 Salt Lake City: playing 'dope nose'.
  • 92.1 and 101.3 KFMA in Tucson, AZ have both played Dope Nose.
  • Y100 Philly: Dope Nose again #2 on y100's top 7 at 8.
  • 89X in detroit playing both "keep fishin" and "dope nose"
  • 88.7 Cleveland: has been playing Keep Fishin'.
  • WXRK 92.3 FM New York - Dope Nose is listed on their playlist this week at number 36.
  • CKDU 97.5 FM Halifax, Nova Scotia: all Maladroit tracks are going to be played late Wednesday night onto thursday morning.
  • 91.9 Manhattan, KS: now playing Dope Nose!
  • KXRQ X96 in Salt Lake City UT: now playing Dope Nose!
  • 93.7 (93X) KXXR Minneapolis: playing "Dope Nose"!
  • COOL 98.5 Montreal: playing "Dope Nose"!
  • Q1043, 104.3 FM NYC: This coming Sunday night (3/17) at 10 PM, sometime during the "Out Of The Box" program, 4 songs from Maladroit will be featured. Webcast here.