Karl's Corner - 03/05/2002

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03/05/02 soul travelling

..."pretty soon everyone will have every recording ever made" --Pat, in a discussion about new mp3 players with huge hard drives

...more recording today. The guys ran through a brand new jamb multiple times today, trying a lot of directions with a decidedly non-conventional song style for the weez, that somehow reminded me of 70's smokey rock and the Smiths all at the same time. Then they did about 5 tries of a new (but not brand spankin new) song, before Pat did a major switch up in the drum stylings, which suddenly got everyone stoked on the song all over again...(especially me, because this one is definitely one of my faves!)...and several more takes were immediately recorded with the new feel.

...more Maladroit action!

  • Rock 102.1, Milwaukee, WI: has added "Dope Nose"
  • kwod 1065 sacramento: dope nose is #1 on the "really big countdown"
  • San Francisco's Live 105: a listener heard 'Dope Nose' "at least" 6 times in one day
  • 96.3 "the blaze" missoula, mt: playing Dope Nose.
  • KSCR radio at USC Dope Nose gets play "at all hours of the day"
  • KROQ Los Angeles- Dope Nose #3 in The Furious Five At Nine... DJ quotes: "sweet new single from Weezer's upcoming fourth album, to be released, well... who knows when." "a catchy new song with good vibes from Rivers Cuomo and Weezer, headlining their new album out soon."
  • KPNT, 105.7 The Point St Louis: playing Dope Nose. "...a guy called up and wanted to hear Undone. The DJ said that was fine, but wouldn't he like to hear new Weezer?.."
  • 770 AM Radio K Mlps/St Paul, "...is gonna start playing dope nose tomorrow..."
  • 102.1 KDGE The Edge, Dallas: Dope Nose frequently played. a DJ plans on playing ALL 8 promo CD songs, scheduled for Sunday on the Adventure Club.
  • CFOX, Vancouver Canada: "...playing at least Keep Fishin if not other songs as well..."
  • WXRK, KROCK 92.3 in NYC: "...the dj was telling the audience about the letter he had received from rivers....[he] decided it would be funny to go through every song on the cd and play a little of it..." "...[he] played bits from "Keep Fishin'", "Death and Destruction", "Fall Together", "Slob", "Slave" and "Take Control"....This all led to his promoting the playing of "Dope Nose" an hour later...."
  • 93.3 Denver, CO: "...their web site (area93.com) has two MP3's from the new album [sessions] up. Both Saturday Night and Your Room are up and it is shown on the front page that they have Weezer MP3's..."

...and on the other side of the coin:

  • a fan writes: "...The Progamming Director at 101x (our Rock station in Austin Tx) said she called interscope about dope nose (hearing all the buzz about it) and shes agreed with them not to play it untill it is released officically. Bleh..."

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