Karl's Corner - 03/06/2002

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03/06/02 the shadow knows

...Album 5 sessions continue: 3 more songs were tackled today, 2 very new ones (one of which was learned, practiced, and sucessfully put on tape all in about an hour), and another somewhat older one too. The guys are playing together really tight and exploring all kinds of creative ideas. There is a lot of freedom in the playing, as the songs are in some ways still coming together. But at the same time, they are learning them so quickly that they concentrate on approaches, feels and other such creative variables, as opposed to getting bogged down in deciding on structures and such. Its pretty cool to watch it go down.

...also today, a reporter and a photographer from Rockpile Mag came by to catch the scoop.

...special note: despite what you may be hearing and reading in other press reports, "Maladroit" has NOT been scheduled for an April 30th release. In fact, the band hasnt actually turned the album over to Geffen yet, though the recordings are finished.

...special note 2: despite what you may have read, Weezer's "Maladroit" is not the French pronunciation.

...still more Maladroit action! The straight from the band excitement continues!

  • Here's todays Billboard.com article about the radio play and such thats been going on these last few weeks. As you can see on their site, "Dope Nose" got so much airplay already that its debuted at #25 on the Modern Rock Airplay chart! Thanks for your support so far!!!
  • KROQ Los Angeles: "Dope Nose" is #5 most requested, #8 most played! Still on the Furious Five at Nine. DJ sez: "I guess there's no stopping weezermania",
  • Burlington, Vermont: The "local rock station" played 8 tracks off "Maladroit"
  • CD101, Columbus Ohio: playing "Dope Nose"
  • Y100 Philadelphia: "Dope Nose" was number 3 on the Top 7 at 8. DJ sez: "We don't care if we got the letter or not. We're gonna play it any way. It's music!"
  • 90.5 WBER - Rochester: played the entire 8 song promo CD
  • knrk 94.7 Portland OR: Put "Dope Nose" into their 'cockfight'.
  • 105.7 The Point (St Louis) playing "Dope Nose"; yesterday 'Maladroit' was The Point's Disk Drive Disk of the Day.
  • Krock NY 92.3; Dope Nose added to the playlist as #36 out of 43.
  • 102.1 the Edge, Toronto "...is getting tons sof request to play Dope Nose".Also playing Keep Fishin'.
  • 102.1 the edge Dallas, TX. Playing "Dope Nose", along with a wide healthy mix of older weezer songs in rotation.
  • North Dakota State University's web radio station ( webcast here), playing Dope Nose
  • 94.7 FM New Jersey: played "dope nose" and "blast off" as the weezer songs of the day on "the new gods of rock hour"

...and on the other hand...

  • Triple J Australia: DJ wrote to a Maladroit requesting fan: "...at this stage I think our policy is not to try and play stuff which isn't about to be released ...but yeah, I really do like the band a lot...."