Karl's Corner - 03/20/2002

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03/20/02 Glasgow is having it!

...March 2002 Europe Tour Show #7: Barrowlands; Glasgow, Scotland
Okay, this place went mental. The legendary Barrowlands is knows for intense crowds, and they did not disappoint tonight. The band was feeling really good and laid down another solid set tonight, and the reaction was just bananas! We thought Manchester was fantastic, but I've got to wonder if the Glasgow crowd doesnt have the edge so far on this tour...Sadly, Remy Zero opted out tonight, to allow the singer a chance to recover. Hopefully they will be back tomorrow. In the meantime, local act Biffy Clyro opened the show, with a sort of Glasgrundge sound that rocked it out solidly and filled the gap well.
first fan reaction wins the race: "...Just got back from the Barrowlands show! what an amazing night! remy zero cancelled, but local band biffy clyro took their place, the weez managed to surpass my high expectations...highlights were: Good Life - the crowd went crazy on the first chord! Buddy Holly - even the security guards were singing along Say it Aint So - full of raw emotion and very powerful Only in Dreams - of course! and seeing Karl! my and my mates were right up centre front, and i got me rivers setlist, which also had stuck to it the sticker from his guitar! thanks for a great night..." -Shaun

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...the Maladroit/Dope Nose action keeps rocking:

  • BBC Radio 1 UK: Dope Nose was played on Steve Lamaq's show...
  • cool yet mysterious news on 106.5 The End's website: according the the "National Airplay Chart", while Dope Nose was added to 13 stations last week (03/04 - 03/10), "Slave" was added to 29 (!), tying with The Goo Goo Dolls for #1 most added! Maybe they got the 2 songs mixed up? Or...who knows? Coolness.
  • 107.7 the end, Seattle: DJ Bill Reed followed an airing of Dope Nose with the comment: "...that was dope nose....if you dug that then you'll love 'coke ass'..."
  • Tempe, AZ - 1260AM The Blaze: Playing Dope Nose amongst "tons of weezer constantly"
  • Montreal: Dope Nose playing on both CHOM 97.7 and COOL 98.5
  • 91.7 WXCI in Danbury,CT: has been playing "Keep Fishing"
  • 92.3 K-Rock, NYC: played "Keep Fishing," "December," and "Take Control," on the Center Stage of the BUZZ with Matt Pinfield last week.
  • 93X Minneapolis/St. Paul: Cage Match: Dope Nose lost out to Cold last night. bah!
  • The Rock 106.7fm Southern Alberta: Cage match: Dope Nose lost out to Static-X. Bah!!!
  • Krab 106.1 in Bakersfield, Ca: "Dope Nose" has won the New Rock Rumble for 4 weeks in a row. Tomorrow is their last night: songs get retired after winning 5 times...
  • 104.9 xfm, Vancouver Canada: 3/19: dope nose was #5 on the "7 at 7"
  • 96.3 KRZN, Billings, MT: started to play "Dope Nose" last week.
  • Lick 106.3, Little Rock, Arkansas: started playing Dope Nose after fans requested it!
  • 97.9 WGRD, Grand Rapids Michigan: played Dope Nose on "Band to Band Combat", has won 2 nights in a row..
  • KSCL 91.3 FM, Shreveport, Louisiana: "Maladroit" (not sure which track) is debuting at #6 on the top 30 this week.
  • 92.1 MAD radio, Madison, WI: "Keep Fishing" getting played
  • WDSO 88.3, Chesterton IN: played Dope Nose immediately upon request!
  • KWUR 90.3, Washington U. St. Louis: DJ sez: "...new release stack graced by the Maladroit sampler...sampler was actually our number two wave-genre disc of the week...The review pasted to the Weezer disc was only vaguely complimentary--"less formulaic, more rockin'"--so I added an impassioned "play this disc, it's great and the record label doesn't want you to!" note...."
  • radio X, Marquette MI: "...maladroit is rocketing up the college radio station chart"
  • Y-100 Philly: "Modern Rock Madness" super cagematch: voting times are very specific see

HREF="http://images.radcity.net/5467/224306.jpg" target="_new"> here and
HREF="http://www.y100.com/listingsentryheadline.asp?ID=21408&PT=checkitout" target="_new"> herefor details.

  • lava rock 105.9 Hawaii: Added Dope Nose!
  • wrrv, 92.7 Poughkeepsie: finally played dope nose!
  • 99.1 WHFS in Washington DC: a fan writes: "...their morning person just said that Dope Noseis the catchiest song in the current rotation at HFS! He then proceeded to say that he can't get that damn song out of his head, and he loves playing it!..."
  • WPGU Champaign IL: Dope Nose is still in March Madness, and is up against Fuel in the second round. vote here!...Also, Dope Nose was #5 on 'Add it Up'.
  • Radio 104.1 in Hartford, CT : playing Dope Nose "all the time now"
  • The Fox 99.3 Vancouver Canada: added Dope Nose
  • 99X (99.7) Atlanta: playing Dope nose.
  • 89.1 wonc, Naperville Illinois: played "keep fishin"
  • 93x St. Louis: Dope Nose has been added to the playlist