Karl's Corner - 03/04/2002

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03/04/02 in spite of all the danger

...Monday was spent continuing the album #5 recording session. One track from yesterday was deemed sonicly problematic, so it got a brand new start today. And they started work on another brand new and another semi-older song as well. In the course of looking for an improved recording environment, the lights were turned down low and the gear was rearranged in a way that happened to make it a lot less interesting to photograph. However, the new arrangements suceeded in stoking everyone and improving the overall tones of the recording.

...later, Pat was on a mission to find a copy of "Double Nickels On The Dime" by the Minutemen (one of the finest albums of all time), and we were sadly shut down at every retailer we tried. What a shame, everyone needs this CD! However, there was no trouble at all finding a nice LP of Tony Orlando and Dawn's Greatest Hits, not to mention a fine album by grade school punkers Old Skull.

...equipment buffs will want to take a peek at the Equipment History (in "info") for some minor updates including keyboard stuff. As always, there is more to come there!

...at californiamusicawards.com, weezer and drummer Pat Wilson are up for several awards. Help the guys win some California Music Awards! You can vote for them on the website.

...Maladroit action!!!

  • Radio 104 WMRQ, Hartford CT: played Dope Nose during the Carlito show
  • Live 105.3 San Francisco: playing Dope Nose, no sign of stopping!
  • The Edge 102.1, Dallas: 'dope nose' "getting serious play"
  • 88.7, 89x Detroit is playing Dope Nose, its #5 on the hit list
  • y100 Philadelphia: "blatantly" continues to play Dope Nose: "they request it, we're going to play it." also, its on the top 7 at 8 countdown!
  • 97.4, Chicago: playing "24 hours of weezer" (playing every song that weezer has recorded that they can get their hands on)
  • Real Radio 104.1 WTKS Orlando FL: "Keep Fishin'" getting played
  • WVFI Notre Dame: playing the Maladroit demos every Monday morning
  • 95.5 WBRU in Providence, RI: "Dope Nose" has been named 'screamer of the week'.
  • 92.1 WVLT New Jersey: played "burnt jamb" and then "only in dreams" as the weezer song of the day.
  • 96 X Virginia beach: added Dope Nose. a fan writes: "...They also read the letter that Rivers sent out, they said they were confused, and that they loved him, and decided to play it anyway..."
  • 97X woxy, oxford/cincinnati: dope nose was #1 on the peoples choice countdown.
  • WHCL Hamilton College Radio, Clinton NY: has been playing dope nose, among other maladroit tracks
  • edge 102.1 Toronto: playing dope nose!
  • WPGU Champaign/Urbana's 107.1 The Planet: played "dope nose"
  • 105.9 The X Pittsburgh, PA: "Death and Destruction" was heard on "Edge of the X"
  • KCRW Los Angeles: "Death and Destruction" was heard on the "Morning becomes Eclectic" show
  • The Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec (where Weezer played a few weeks ago) ...during the hockey game they played part of Dope Nose (before a face-off)!