Karl's Corner - 03/22/2002

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03/22/02 there is no way to get back to the town

...day off in Southampton. Cool 14th century walls and stuff all over the place. Some nice 20th century retail establishments as well.

...Pat storms the castle!...the plan is foiled by medieval height restrictions...

...see the Tour page for a bunch of "Dusty West" tour date confirmations! More to come, so keep checking back.

...the Maladroit/Dope Nose action keeps rocking:

  • 92.1 WMAD, Madison, Wisconsin: Weezer won The "March Music Maddness" Tournment! They beat #1 seeded Incubus in the final.
  • y100 Philly: dope nose was number 2 at the top 7 at 8 countdown, finally up from a long haul at #3...
  • 99.9 the carp, Eau Claire, Wisconsin: playing Dope Nose. station manager sez: "...We're playing it in a light rotation. Maybe more if it tests well..."
  • KQAL Winona State University: DJ sez: "...I have been playing Maladroit demos, taken off of various weezer websites(weezerfans, weezersource), on my Tuesday show and I get so many requests for Dope Nose and American Gigolo, that I don't know what to do with them..."
  • 91.1 (91X) San Diego: Dope Nose in regular rotation
  • Planet Radio 96.5: added Dope Nose and is getting regular play as of Thursday.
  • WPGU The Planet Champaign IL: Dope Nose slipped to #8 on "add it up", won The big Friday Orgy for the 5th week in a row(!), March Madness votes for Weezer in round 3 vs. Radiohead on Monday.
  • 103.9 the x, Bryan/College station, TX: Dope Nose getting played
  • WLZX-FM "Pure Rock Lazer 993", Northampton Mass: "Operation: New Noise" is playing the entire Maladroit album!
  • 93x (formerly 92.9 mfs) Memphis, TN: Spinning Dope Nose!
  • 105.9 the buzz, state college, PA: "dope nose" getting increasing play
  • 105.7 The Point St. Louis: dope nose getting regular play
  • 104.9xfm, Vancouver, BC, Canada: Dope Nose is now (March 21) at #3 on the "7 at 7"
  • 107.5 THE END Salt Lake City: Dope Nose won the cage match 3/21!
  • New Rock 104 Fresno, CA: playing "Dope Nose"
  • 103.9 The X, College Station, TX: is playing Dope Nose now.
  • wrrv 92.7/96.9 in poughkeepsie, ny: Dope Nose in rotation, number 3 out of 5 on their buzzcuts voting show.
  • "Dope Nose" was played during halftime of the Mavericks - Spurs game in Dallas tonight (3-21).

...heres something cool- the first weezerfest (fan organized unofficial weez event- not a weezer show!) of 2002 is taking place march 28th in pensacola, florida. info here.

...more pix from the 2/18/02 tour stop in Pittsburgh from Blistering.com here and here.

...and more pix of the Manchester show from a fan are here.