Karl's Corner - 03/10/2002

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03/10/01 we didnt start the fire (yet)

....Saturday the 9th was totally spent travelling. We got up early to catch a 9 AM flight to Newark, where we found ourselves mid afternoon waiting 3 hours for the connecting flight to Portugal. Then we flew into the night, arriving at 7 AM today (Sunday). Stiff from sitting in airplane seats and tired from not really sleeping properly, most people spent a quiet Sunday walking around beautiful Lisbon (which was similarly sleepy due to it being Sunday), and catching some random jet lag naps. Tomorrow is gonna be pretty cool- first weezer show ever in Portugal! We're not sure what sort of turn out to expect, as weezer doesnt exactly have any chart toppers (yet!) in Portugal. Its always important to remember that each country in Europe is it's own music market, and even if things are hoppin' in Spain and France, it doesn't mean the fires are burning in Portugal yet. But thats why weezer's here, to light some rock fires. Right on. Is it just me, or does Portugese sound sort of like Russian? I think I need another nap.

....Mucho Mas Maladroit Action!

  • Q101 chicago: dope nose debuted at #3 in the top 9 at 9!!
  • Y-100 Philly: Dope Nose- number 2,3, and 4 recently on the top 7 at 8. "...A girl called in to share the idea of national weezer webmaster appreciation day and DJ Ben Harvey jokingly said "You weezer freaks have aday for everything: national wear your green t-shirt day, national think about rivers cuomo while you're on the john day, and now this!" He also said, concerning the Interscope situation "Its music, and we're here to play music. So we're playing it."
  • WOAS-FM 88.5 Ontonagon, Michigan: Dope Nose, Burndt Jamb, and especially KEEP FISHIN' are getting airplay!
  • KNRK in portland, oregon: "Dope Nose" won the cockfight earlier this week, but then lost the next day to Puddle of Mudd!
  • 94.3 WCYY Portland, Maine: first played Dope Nose today Friday March 8.
  • WBER 90.5 FM played Dope Nose and Keep Fishin' on "First Impressions" in which they highlight new music that has arrived in the studios over the week.
  • WAQZ in Cincinnati: Dope Nose debuted on the "Miss Sally's Playhouse" show last sunday...and it was officially added this week! "keep fishin'" debuting this sunday...
  • Cities 97 (97.1) in the Minneapolis/St Paul: have been playing some Maladroit and have now added Keep Fishin' and Dope Nose. For their world premier of dope nose, they played it twice. a fan writes: "...they promised to keep playing it until forced to stop..." The DJ said "This comes off the new Weezer album that we stole from the Record Company!"
  • x102.3, Fort Wayne, IN: Dope Nose was added to the playlist (They are still playing Photograph, too!)
  • 101.1 Richmond, VA: added Dope Nose!
  • 88.9 ERS Emerson College: playing Dope Nose now. DJ said: "...That was Dope Nose from Weezer's new Mal...adroyt? album."
  • 100.3 The X KQXR Boise, Idaho: another triple X weekend: "Buddy Holly," "Island In The Sun," and "Dope Nose." played in a block.
  • Montreal, Canada: a fan writes: "...While Montréal's only local Modern Rock station became a Classic Rock station three weeks ago... Dope Nose is somehow still being played around the city. While buying a pair of jeans at "LEVI Strauss", I was flabbergasted to hear "Slob" being blasted throughout the store. The next 20 minutes seemed like WEEZERFEST as Take Control, How Long?, Burndt Jamb and of course Dope Nose tore up the store. Later that night, while watching The Canadiens hosting The Maple Leafs at the Molson Center, I was exstatic as I heard Dope Nose being played during a stoppage in play... Some fans then started chanting "Let's go Weezer, Let's go!!!..."
  • 101.1 Xfm Ottawa: playing Dope Nose and Slave.
  • CFOX Vancouver: playing Keep Fishin' AND Dope Nose. DJ said: "...We are continuing to play Weezer's Maladroit inspite of the label mess, and anyone that doesn't is a pussy!"
  • webradio: SP RADIO ONE (skaparade.com) is always playing/streaming a cool mix of new stuff, and they are all over "Dope Nose" (which is #1 in their top 5 now) and weezer in general, often spinning both rarities and the big ones. Tech note: streaming mp3- (PC users please use winamp; MAC users please use SoundJam) the broadcast is a continuous stream, so please allow for broadcast cycle to finish to hear the program from beginning to end.