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Karl's Corner - 03/11/2002

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03/11/02 dark mansion of forbidden love

...March 2002 Europe Tour Show #1: Lisbon Coliseum; Lisbon, Portugal
Well, the time came for weezer to be introduced to Portugal. Todays show was in beautiful downtown Lisbon, at the Lisbon Coliseum, and as we discovered, was part of a festival series of concerts sponsored by some huge beer company.
The Lisbon Coliseum was a bit on the big side for Portugal newcomers weezer, but thats where the beer festival was taking place so thats where the rock was played. We were kinda worried when we first walked into the place, but there was actually a pretty respectable turnout for the bands first ever show in Portugal! And the best part was that these folks were very stoked, showing their appreciation for the brand new and old school weez alike.

Tonight's set was a pretty wild blend of old and new material, and included several songs not heard live since summer 2000 ("Modern Dukes", "Mad Kow", "Superstar"), and several songs heard only briefly in the summer of 2001. (well, i think so, anyway- its getting kind of hard to keep track of this stuff these days!)


...Maladroit Action!

  • 92.3 K-Rock NYC: Matt Pinfield's "Buzz Bin" played Keep Fishin', December, and Take Control.
  • y100 Philadelphia: played Slob on the "YNot" show, saying "we've been playing "dope nose alot, well heres another track off maladroit" called "slob"."
  • 102.1 the edge Dallas, tx: played Death and Destruction
  • 93.7 (93x) Minneapolis/St Paul added dope nose to their play list. a fan writes: "...When i called in the wee hours of the morning, they said they play it all the ***** time, and they don't care what the record company says."
  • KINX-FM, Great Falls, Montana: added "Dope nose" today!
  • 99X Atlanta: played "dope nose" on their "Sunday school" show.
  • On the national Sunday morning show Out of Order, "Slave" was Jed the Fish's "catch of the day"

VIBE-RATER kccq ames, iowa, 105.1fm: played "Dope Nose"

  • 97.3 waqz, Cincinnati: "Dope Nose" getting played
  • Q106.3, Northeast jersey: "Dope Nose" getting played
  • 102.1 The Edge, Dallas, TX: on 'The Adventure Club' show, the entire Maladroit radio promo was played.
  • FNX radio 101.7 Boston, 103.7 Providence: has played one track each night off the demo disc for Maladroit.
  • 94.1 The Zone,Rochester, NY: played "Slave". "...After the song the guy said something like "that song is called Slave by Weezer. it's going to be on their new album, Maladroit that's due out in April." Somewhere in there he said "how long do we have to wait for another weezer album?" or something along those lines..."
  • 94.3 WCYY portland: played "Slave"

...Swedish Maladroit!

  • fans write: "...they just played Dope Nose on the biggest national radiostation in Sweden [channel 3]..." "...they and also advertised the website for the Maladroit Petition..."