Karl's Corner - 05/01/2001

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...another fans report from the Coachella show...

"Weezer rocked at Coachella, no doubt. I actually enjoyed them more at Coachella than when I saw them in Los Angeles at the Palladium. The drummer from the Roots said that Weezer was his favorite band of the day. I would be lying if I said they were, although Weezer is one of my all-time favorite band, it really sucked that they had to follow up the Roots. Now, I don't mean that Weezer didn't rock, but (in my opinion) the Roots were the best part of the whole day. I think Weezer was a very close second, but the Roots were brilliant. To answer the other fans question, Brian got hit with a glow stick during Surf Wax America (which is not one of my favorite weezer songs, but they did it AWESOME!!!) and it was funny because Brian freaked out Woody Allen style."