Karl's Corner - 05/17/2001

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5/17/2001: a quick one

...currently at the Punk Rock Prom in Valencia CA. Weezer is in its second set. Two schools won, so the line up is weezer, then offspring, then the new audience came in to replace the first one, and now weezer is on again. Mikey is wearing his best prom dress. (If you think im kidding wait till i have a chance to upload the pictures tomorrow!). We cant stay to watch Offspring's second set, beacuse we have to make a midnight flight to NYC, because the SNL rehearsal is pretty early on Friday. So expect some pics by tomorrow sometime. Also ive had a few roadblocks with the video clip situation, but i got hooked up with the programs i need and they shoud be up in a day or two. Sorry to keep you waiting, i cant wait to share the new insane things that Pat and Mikey have been up to.

The guys sound phenominal, by the way... theres some new gear thats really working out well (yes it will be in the equip history too). Plus they are TIGHT. And during soundchecks I am already hearing a LOT of NEW new songs, and man! I must say the variety of this brand new stuff is astonishing. Rivers has been digging DEEP in the songwriting muse. I have the feeling you guys will end up with piles of new weezer material, and wont be waiting no 5 years for it!!!