Karl's Corner - 05/30/2001

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5/30/01: clam bake at the beach bar (beach blanket Buddy Holly)

"...just wanted to pass on a funny comment from my 3 year old boy.....As i was listening to the green Album, I asked him if he likes Weezer. Out of nowhere, he replied, "yeah, but why were they wearing diapers on tv?"--Patrick Mora, fan

...today took us out to beautiful Cape Cod, to the Beachcomber, a classic clam pit restaurant/bar located right on the awesome seashore. Mikey says he used to play shows here when he was a teenager just starting out! 5 or 6 busloads of the contest winners were sent out to this remote locale for a tight weezer set, autograph signing, and all the clam chowder and corn on the cob they could handle. Everyone was happily mellowed by the Edward Hopper-esque natural beauty surrounding the place, and stoked on the clam rock!