Karl's Corner - 08/21/2005

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08/21/05 summer corn don't grow on it's own

View larger - 08/21/05 summer corn don

...MB '05 Tour: Day 74: travel day - Frankfurt, Germany to London, UK
today we went to the massive Frankfurt airport and navigated thru its labrynthine innards to find our flight to Heathrow. One pleasently uneventful flight later we were being loaded into powerful little vans and whisked into London, where we had an evening off. The Oxford Street HMV was investigated and "We Are All On Drugs" cds and 7"s were sucessfully located in stock. Not much else was going on as it was Sunday, but that was just fine. Wagamama wins again.

...fansite 'Across The Weez' says they have started a 'weezer radio station', though I don't see it on their site at this point. Also see this new fansite for various fan-sponsored weez-raffles and contests.

...theres a nice review (in German) of Weezer's recent show at the Frequency Festival on volumetv. (Direct link here).

...spotted on iTunes recently was "Peace" in Offspring's iTunes playlist. "...standout song on the new =w= record. Great song, beautiful and rocking."

large size picture link: here.