Karl's Corner - 11/05/2001

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11/05/01 "The "monkey" in 'Island' is actually a chimpanzee." -Hanz

...note: see =rwa= news for Reverb HBO show info and a new date just confirmed in Baltimore on 12/9!

...day off. Brian and I went vinyl record shopping. Brian found the Sesame Street original cast album (including the singalong book), plus Stormtooprs Of Death and the "Rat Music For Rat People" comp. I found "Word Jazz", a "Kojak" childrens story record, and "Right On Be Free" by The Voices of East Harlem. Dusty cuts indeed.

...In the latest free issue of SoCal's Meanstreet weekly music mag (Lit on the cover), there is a small article on... well, me. Weezer fan Christina Han conducted a short interview with me back during the Midget Tour regarding what I do for the band and such, and got the article published! Way to go Christina! However, Meanstreet heavily edited and shortened the piece, so its actually not very informative now. So, the full unedited story will be added to weezer.com pretty soon, probably linked to my little profile in the "staff bios" section, which needs a serious overhaul anyway, as we've gotten a bunch of recent crew personnel changes.

...several fans have asked me to help them spread the word about the grass roots "International Weezer T-Shirt Day", on Friday, November 9th. Details are in various threads on the message board, but the basic idea is for every fan to wear their weez shirt that day to make the rest of the world get with it. right on!

...Gleep Wurp, the Eyebiter...