Karl's Corner - 11/28/2001

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11/28/01 info trickles in...

...day off in St. Louis! Its gettin' COLD outside! We saw our first snow of the season last night out in the middle of nowhere, at a truck stop in Oklahoma. Time to bust out the winter jackets...Tonight most of the guys went to the U2 concert, which just so happened to be tonight here in St. Louis. Me and Pat stayed behind and got stupid. Well actually we worked on various computer problems, and heshed 'em out!

...Some EUROPE tour dates just got confirmed, check it out:

13 March - Madrid - Plaza de Toros Vista Alegre
15 Marzo - Barcelona - Palau Sant Jordi
16 Marzo - S.Sebastian - Plaza de Toros de Illumbe

The shows are "Movistar" events, which are apparently some big TV/Radio thing. The line-up will be:

The Cranberries (headlining)
Weezer (playing 2nd out of 4)
+ one local band

more details (and hopefully more dates!) to be added to the "Tour" page...

... and heres a special "p.o.v." from the Long Beach show, a few days late, but nevertheless cool...

"Just got back from the weezer show in Long Beach California on the 23rd and
had to write about how much fun I had. It was good seeing the guys again and
watching the show. Haven't seen em in a while. I remember seeing them in LA
when only 20 people went to the shows. Seeing them in a hockey arena fills my
heart with joy, knowing that all those people came to see and hear weezer. If
anyone wants, I have naked pictures of Pat..." --Darrin Pfeiffer, Goldfinger.