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The Maladroit Demos were recordings made by Weezer throughout 2001 during several recording sessions and live on the Extended Midget Tour, which includes:

Maladroit Sessions

The different demo sessions quickly evolved into the actual recording of the band's fourth album, Maladroit. The Maladroit Sessions started on December 17, 2001 at Cello Studios and lasted through February 13, 2002. Songs from these sessions were all written by Rivers Cuomo and recorded with the intention of being considered for inclusion on a fourth album. However, the phrase Maladroit Demos is often used as a blanket term to describe all the different songs that were demoed before and recorded during the album sessions, even though they are technically not demos. In total, thirty-two songs were recorded. These include:

At least one version of each of these songs, recorded between December 2001 and February 2002, were released as free mp3s at the band's official site. This allowed the fans to critique the songs, and offer their opinions to Cuomo at message boards.

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